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Need Everyone's Help

Kelly Davenport

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Hey, guys, I need your help on something. Earlier this month, we had a big icestorm, and the local news station chose a few of the photos submitted to be in a contest. Well, my photo was chose, and the contest winner receives six free tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters when they come to town next week. The photo contest winner is going to be announced Friday morning, so I'm hoping to get a little help from you guys.


If you go to that link, there's a voting section on the right side - might have to scroll down a little - and I'm #7. I haven't been to the Globetrotters since I was 8, and I would really like to go, so if you could pop over there and vote for me, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks! :)

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I haven't been back to Houston since 2000, but I figure that everyone pretty much freaked when it snowed. ;) I personally love snow, but it is strange that I can't ski or sled because I never saw it growing up. When I moved to Germany, I tried to sled and ended up crashing into a snowbank. Felt rather like Rosco there after one of his 'horrendous crashes'. I was covered from head to foot with snow and my husband just stood there laughing and saying that he wished he had a camera. I was pretty embarrased, but luckly no one was around. To this day, he won't let me live it down.

Photobucket seems to have the hiccups because the file won't open. I'll check the link later, maybe then it will work.

BTW, I know the Bryan / College Station area, I used to go to Blinn College in Brenham and we used to drive out there to party on weekends. ;)

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Yes, we all did made a fuss about the snow, because ... it never snows like that! *grins* But it was fun and beautiful. :)

Yeah, photobucket is a little hiccupy, but it should be working now.

Go Blinn! I graduated with my Associates in Science at Blinn - in Bryan - but the graduation ceremony was in Brenham. :)

And ... I didn't win the contest, but it's okay.

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