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Guessing Games

hazzard chic

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Okay, so I'm bored. Just for fun, I'm proposing a little game. Let's say it's a guessing game. Let's see if we can guess facts about each other if clues are provided.

Here's how it would work: One states what it is they want people to try to guess about themself (this can be anything, such as your age, your job, birth city, etc.). They then provide a few clues and other people use those clues to try and guess.

Anyone can participate. You may participate in a number of ways: 1. You can just provide clues to get others to guess something about you but not try to guess about other participants. 2. You may just try to guess the answer to other participants clues but not post anything for anyone to guess about you. 3. You may both try to guess other participants clues and post your own clues for people to guess something about you.

All participants post all their clues and/or guesses to this forum.

If you are posting clues for people to guess something about you, be creative and make it as challenging as you can. For example, if you say,"guess my age", do not list the year you were born as a clue, that's to easy, instead you could say who the president was when you were born and what the fashion trends were or something like that.

When someone guesses the right answer to someones's clues, the person who posted the clues should respond with a post to let everyone know.

Of course we will all have to go on the honor system here. Also, sorry but there are no prizes offered for correct guesses. This is just for fun and a way to get to know each other a little better.

Since this was my crazy idea, I guess I'll start this off:

I have never officially met any, but I have seen one celebrity in person. Can anyone guess who?


This celeb is male

I once saw him on a tv show playing the role of a serial killer, which is quite unlike the roles he usually plays

He is married

He is tall

That's all the clues I am offering for now. Good luck all.

I hope some of you participate!

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My first set of questions is

My celebrity has dark hair and puts up with lot from the other people in the county.

He is the boss over other people.

Question, those clues you posted; are you talking about the person's character on a show (puts up with a lot from others....boss over people)

or his real life? Or are we suposed to figure that out for ourselves?

Which is fine if that's the case. just wondering.

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