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Daisy laughed, "Ah I know that Dusty...and so does our wallets!" she smiled. "Roscoe would marry you even if you were wearing a brown paper sack." Daisy and Julie tried on a few dresses, but decided to wear just something real simple, a maroon-ish/red dress with a low V-cut neck line. "You know, we could probably make these for a whole lot less Julie, what do you say?" Daisy asked Julie.

"Sure, I'm all for it, let's go grab some fabric and get on home then." she smiled.

On the way home, the three girls luaghed and talked about Dusty being the first to get hitched. "I never would have figur'd that." Julie laughed.

Back in Hazzard, Luke and Emma were driving back to the farm after having lunch. "You go on inside Emma," Luke said as he parked the truck and helped her out. "I'll be right back." he smiled and Emma walked inside the farmhouse where Bo and Madi were. Luke stretched out his arms and put his hands into his pockets. He was going to do something when he heard soemthing from the barn. He walked in there,

"hello?" he called but was answered with silence. He walked in a bit further, and paused for a moment because he thought he heard something. Then suddenly a shovel came and wacked him upside the head and he was knocked unconicous, sprawling on the ground, in a pool of blood.

Hughie hovered over him, then quickly dropped the shovel and looked around. No body had seen him, and he quickly took the keys for the truck and drove away, drunk as a skunk stil. He got to the courthouse, and came in hickuping in. "Uncle Boss...I've...been..attacked.." he gulped and acted all hurt, and still had some blood on his clothes.

Boss looked up and gaped at his nephew. "What happened to you!?" he gasped.

"It was ...Madi." he hickuped.


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Dusty, Julie, and Daisy pulled up at the farm from their trip. "Daisy you and Julie take our paracels inside, I want to check on Ridge Runner. I put her in the barn for safe keeping." Dusty said with a grin. Daisy nodded and went inside with Julie. Dusty walked towards the barn and opened the door.

The first thing Dusty saw was blood. Then she saw something covered up. Dusty walked over and uncovered it. Dusty let put a scream. "OH MY GOD! LUKE, NOOO!" Dusty screamed as she got on her knees and cried. "SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!" Dusty screamed again.

Cue HotHillbilly, iloveluke'ssmileCHN320, Julieduke

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Madi ran outside with Bo hot on her heals. She found Dusty with her hands on Lukes head. Madi went outside and puked. When she looked up Bo's hands were holding her hair. Then she threw up some more. She was still puking when Boss and Hughie pulled up with Roscoe. Dusty ran outside and litteraly jumped in Roscoe's arms. Boss tried to make Madi stand up only to be covered with vommit. When Dusty calmed down and Madi stopped puking, they asked for the true story.

"I didn't do any damage, the only one getting arrested is you Hughie.

Madi said whipping out an FBI badge and showing it to everyone.

"Now Hughie, you not only get charged with rape, but rape of an FBI officer is a tripple offense. Hands on the hood."

"What about Luke?" Dusty asked.

"Bo, Dusty, me and Roscoe got some arresting to do. Get Luke to the Hospital. Hughie got 'em pretty good with that shovel." When Madi said that hughie asked how she knew.

"I got the barn wired." Madi said snapping the handcuffs on Hughie and making them verry tight. "Roscoe, take 'em over to Hotlanta on the double." Roscoe and boss stood there.

"MOVE!" Madi yelled. When they were gone, madi started puking again.

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The first person to run in was Daisy. She stood in the doorway and put her hand over her mouth. "Oh my God!" she cried and knelt down by her cousin and touched her hand to the back of his head, and pulled her hand which was bloody. Julie and Madi came running in a few moments later, followed by Bo and Emma. Emma screamed and fell to her knees crying. "Noo, not Luke!" she cried hysterically. Bo turned away and bite his lip and then held Emma.

"who would do this?!" Dusty said through gritted teeth. "Who the hell would want to do this?!" she cried.

Madi turned as white as a sheet, "Oh my God! Bo, Hughie's gone!" she gulped.

Bo gave the hysetrical Emma to Julie and then went and knelt by his cousin. "Daisy, go call the ambulance; and Dusty get Uncle Jesse on the CB." he gulped and touched his cousins life-less body and cried.


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Dusty nodded her head and ran for Ridge Runner. "Little Red Riding Hood calling Shepard, Little Red Riding Hood calling Shepard. You got your ears on com'on?" Dusty said as she waited for Uncle Jesse to answer her. "Unlce Jesse please answer it's important." Dusty said on the virage of tears. She wished Rosco was there to comfort her right now.

CUe HotHillbilly, Julieduke, iloveluke'ssmileCHN320

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Dusty turned and faced her sister. She was covered in blood. "Julie all this blood is Luke's. He's been hurt bad. Daisy's gone to call an ambulance. And I'm trying to get a hold of Uncle Jesse." Dusty said through her tears.

"Little Red Riding Hood callin Shepard please com' back. Uncle Jesse if you can hear me listin. Luke's been hurt bad. By the looks of it, Luke's lost a lot of blood and he's unconscious. Uncle Jesse, hughie did it. Madi and Rosco tried to arrest him but he escaped. Please answer me if you got your ears on." Dusty said frantically.

Cue Julieduke, HotHillbilly, iloveluke'ssmileCHN320

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Madi began to walk out of the barn and to her car. Bo grabbed her arm.

"Where you headed in such a hurry?" Bo asked.

"Let go of me." Madi said.

"No." Bo said.

"I said let go of me." Madi said, her voice a little bit deeper now.

"And I said No." Bo answered.

"I need to go and get somethin to stop the bleeding." Daisy said, with Emma and Julie following not far behind. When only Bo and Madi were left alone Bo let Madi go. She walked over to where Luke lay. She sat down and put Lukes head on her lap. Madi took off her cowboy hat and wrapped the bandanna that was on her head around Lukes to stop the bleeding. She sat that way until the ambulance came. Then they took Luke away in the ambulance to the hospital. When no one was there, Madi fell over in the puddle of blood, and began to cry. Bo was going to put the general up for the night when he heard her talking to somone, no she was praying. She was still crying.

"I Never ment for anyone to get hurt. I was just doing my job. To protect people. Dear God, strike me dead, make me die a slow and painful death. Anything is better than knowing that asshole Hughie got away and the man I love most's familly is going to hurt for a long time. And God, please, please, like I asked before, let Luke live. Emma needs him. Thank you father, Amen." She finished.

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Dusty got off the telephone after finally getting a old of Uncle Jesse on the cb. He said there was no change in Luke's coniction and it best for the rest of family get some sleep and he would see them the next day at Tri-County General. Dusty walked over to her sister. Rosco had changed out of his uniform and packed an over noght bag and decided to stay at with Dusty.

After what she had seen she would need him their. Rosco went over to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "I just got off the with Uncle Jesse, and he said their was still no change in Luke." Dusty said grimmed faced and then the tears started to fall again.

"Y'all, I'm goin to take Dusty to her room to get some sleep. ANd by the looks of you all could use some munch needed sleep to. Don't stay up to late. Com'on baby." Rosoc said gently as he lead Dusty to her room.

When they got under the covers, Dusty asked Rosco to make love to her so she would forget what she saw in the barn. Rosco obliged her. They made love all night long until the fell into sated sleep. And for Dusty no nightmares had crept upon her because Rosco had kept them at bay as she slept.

Cue Juliekduke, HotHillbilly, iloveluke'ssmileCHN320

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Bo couldn't sleep, and sat in the kitchen in the darkness. Daisy came in and sat down next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, and simply said, "I know." and Daisy leaned her head on his shoulder. The two finally fell asleep an hour later in the family room.

The next morning, Rosco woke up Dusty with a long kiss. Dusty smiled, still tired, but got up. Julie, Daisy, Emma and Bo were already up and sitting around the kitchen table. Emma was as pale as a ghost and stared blankly ahead. Daisy looked up as Roscoe and Dusty walked into the kitchen,

"Uncle Jesse called." she furrowed her brow and gulped. "Luke's.." she bite her lip and looked down at her hands.


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"Luke dosent have a very good chance to live." Madi said coming through the door.

"Where'd you get to?" Bo asked, "I woke up and you weren't there."

"I went to the hospital. Bo, I'm pregnant." Madi said.

"What?!" They all asked.

"Bo, your gonna be a Daddy." Madi said. They all looked at her. Bo stared at her for a long time and then let out a loud:

"YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAWWW!!!" Madi gave Bo a huge kiss.

"But Bo, I gotta leave Hazzard. I don't want to do anything to hurt the baby. And if I stick around Hughie might go balistic." Madi said. "Sides, I got another plan." All of a sudden the phone rang. Madi got to it first. When the doctor told Madi the knews her eyes got huge and her hand went to cover her mouth. They knew what was going on. Luke must have had a change in condition. She only covered her mouth when she smiled because she had a gap between her teeth.

"Luke's awake!" Madi said, she grabbed her jacket, opened the door and left it hanging open. She jumped in her Chevelle before it settled on the rest of their brains. Then Dusty grabbed Julie by the arm and pulled her out to Ridge Runner.

At the hospital...

Madi ran through the waiting room and to the elevator. When she got to Lukes room she saw Uncle Jessee.

"You were the first person he wanted to see, Madi." Jessee said. Madi went straigt to Luke's bedside. Luke asked what had happened. Evidently noone had told him yet.

"Hughie Hogg attacked you with a shovel." Madi said, when luke touched her arm she grasped it in pain. She rolled up her shirt sleeve to reveal a big bruise on her arm.

"Hughie do that to you?" Luke asked.

"Yes. Luke, its a miracle." Madi said.

"I heard what you said to me in the barn. I may not have been able to see or speak, but I could still hear you." Luke said. "And I think you need me more than Emma."

"Me?" Madi said.

"Do you remember your senior in high school, and There was a guy with a big accent?" Luke asked.

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Dusty stood out in the waiting room with Rosco. She had the biggest smile on her face. Dusty turned on her heel and went to sit down, when the world started to spin. Rosco caught her before she hit the floor. "Honey you ok?" Rosco asked concerned. "Ross, I don't know. The world is spinning on me." Dusty said as she cluched her head. Rosco looked up from Dusty and saw Doc Applebee.

Rosco sat Dusty in the chair and rushed over to Doc Applebee and told him what happened to Dusty just now. Doc Applebee came over to Dusty and noticed how pale she was. "Dusty how you feelin honey?" Doc asked in a calm and sweet voice. "Like I've been hit by a D-9 Doc." DUsty said in low voice.

Doc Laughed. "That sometimes can happen sweety. Why don't you come with me and we'll find out what caused your dizzy spell?" Doc said as he lead Rosco and Dusty to one of the hospital rooms. After about an hour of testing and proding Dusty, he took a sample of her blood and it sent to the lac and had a rush put on it.

The test came back and Doc looked at Dusty and Rosco and smiled. "Well Dusty I found out why your so honey. It turns out that your are pregnant. You are about 7 weeks." Doc Applebee said with a smile as he looked at both Dusty and Rosco.

"YEE-HAWW!" Rosco and Dusty shouted at the same time. Rosco turned and looked at Doc. "Doc Applebee, do you know the due date?" Rosco asked, reading Dusty's mind. "Well Sheriff, by the looks of Dusty's test results and seeing how Dusty is close to a month along, I'd say Christmas." Doc said with a smile.

Cue Julieduke, HotHillbilly, iloveluke'ssmileCHN320

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" Dusty, where are you?" Madi shouted from upstairs.

"Coming!" Dusty yelled. When Dusty got to Bo and Madi's room, she saw an open suitcase on the bed and Madi was tossing clothes in.

"Whats go'in on?" Dusty asked confused.

"I'm sorry Dusty. I won't see you and Roscoe get married. Where's Bo?"

"Madi, he just took off in the General. Why are you..." Dusty trailed off.

"Packing? My job is done, Hughie is caught and in Hottlanta," Madi said.

"But what about Bo? Ya'll have kid now. You can't leave." Dusty said.

"The baby aint here yet." Madi said.

"What about Bo? You Just gonna leave him?" Dusty said, getting mad that someone would hurt Bo like this.

"You don't understand. Bo is a great boyfriend to have, but he's not husband mateirial." Madi said.

"Well if you plan on gettin out of Hazzard by nightfall you better get going." Dusty said.

"I love Luke. And vice versa." Madi said.

:cry: :x :-?:D

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"Luke?!" Dusty scoffed, extrmely confused, "But Emma and him are... and you and Bo are having a kid for cying out loud!!"

"I know but it's complicated." Madi sighed and picked up her suitcase and started out the hallway.

"So what are you going to tell Bo? You don't love him, you love Luke? You know that's going to crush him. He loves you Madi."

"I'm not going to tell him anything," Madi said looking back, "you are." and walked down the stairs, got in her car and started to drive away. Dusty sat down on the bed and tried to think of everything that was going on.

Daisy came in and sat down. "Nervous about the big day. Doc said Luke be ready to leave in a week, and then y'all can get married." Daisy squeezed her hand.

Dusty pushed all her other thoughs aside. "I can't wait. Mrs. Coltrane." she sighend and laid back down on the bed and her and Daisy laughed.

"I can't believe you're getting married." Daisy sighed. "You're so lucky. Enos still hasn't popped the question. Heck, maybe one day he'll come around."

Cue: anyone

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As Dusty laid on the bed she laughed at her cousin. "Well Daisy through all of this I have good news and bad news. Which news do you want first?" Dusty said as she looked at Daisy. "I think I'll take the good news first." Daisy said with a grin.

"Ok. Daisy, Rosco and me are going to have a baby, and Doc Applebee said our due date is Christmas." Dusty said with a huge grin. She laughed when Daisy let out a squeel. "And now for the bad news. Madi just left for hotlanta and she wants me to tell Bo that she doesn't love Bo but that she Luke." Dusty said with a grim face.

From the look on Daisy face she knew that this family were in for so much trouble. But somehow Dusty knew that Madi was lying about something. She had a feeling that it was going to come out soon and hurt a whole lot of people.

Cue iloveluke'ssmlieCHN320, HotHillbilly, Julieduke

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Bo came home from town and threw the keys on the counter. "Hey Madi?" he called, "Madi?" he called upstiars again.

Dusty and Daisy froze. Bo came upstairs and found his two cousins sitting on Madi's bed. "Hey y'all. Where's Madi?" he asked, then noticed that all of Madi's stuff was gone. "What happened?"

"Bo..." Dusty bite her lip, "Madi left."

"Well where did she go?"

"To Hotlana. Bo, don't beat yourself up over it. She said she liked you and all but... she didn't want to marry yet."

"But our child..." Bo sat down, his heart breaking.

"I know, she said she'd call you later." Dusty smiled sypmthedically. "I'm sure it's just the hormones talking." she tried to be hopeful, even though she knew it wasn't going to happen.

"Luke baby. When you're all better again, we'll bust out of here. Move somewhere and start our own family." Madi smiled and laid a hand on her stomach.

"I can't wait." Luke kissed her and smiled.

Emma had left a day before to go visit her mother, to tell her the news about hte baby.

Julie was down at Cooters, planning the reherasal party after the rehersal dinner. "Do you think we'll ever get married one day?" Julie asked and kissed Cooter.

"I bet we will sooner then you expect Jules." he kissed her back and smlied.

Roscoe was in town, picking up his tux, nervous and excited at the whole thing. "Gettign married and having a child." he smiled to himself


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Bo ran out of the house and got on the CB.

"Madi! Madi! Are you out there somewhere? Come back!" Bo said with a edge to his voice like he was going to cry. When the radio gave no help, Bo broke down crying and when he came in the house Madi was their. Bo tried to get away from her but she grabbed him by the shoulders and kissed him.

"Bo, when I left, I just felt like crap. Bo, people make mistakes. Could you ever in a million years forgive the ones I made this week?"Madi said.

Bo gave Madi a huge hug and began to cry again.

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Dusty felt happy but she felt bad for Bo. His heart was breaking she was getting married. On the most important thing of her life, she suddenly didn't feel so happy. She went outside go to town in Ridge Runner, when she saw Madi with Bo. Dusty felt her anger boil.

She went out the front door, slipped around the corner and got into Ridge Runner. Dusty drove with the foot to the floor all the way to town. When she pulled up to the sheriff's station, she jumped out of her car and walked inside.

Rosco had just came out of his office when the doors bang open in walked his beauitful, fiesty, and sexy fiance. "Dusty sweetheart, what's wrong." Rosco asked as he looked her pace. "Rosco I want you to do a background check Madi. Some how I got a gut feeling that she don't seem to be of a right colour." Dusty said. Rosco cmae over and put his arms around her.

"I'll do it, but Madi won't like it sweety." Rosco said grim faced. "Well honey at this pint I don't really care." Dusty said with a determined look.

Cue Anybody

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"what if that's not her real name?" Dusty asked, trying to find something.

"Well, then we need to find out her real name and do a check on it." Roscoe said.

Dusty sat there for a moment, trying to think of something. "I don't know how i"m going to find taht out." she sighed, and Roscoe sat beside her and kissed her. "I'll help in any way I can baby." he smiled, kissed her and put his hand to her tummy.

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Madi's life was a lie. Pure sin. And she knew it. What they didn't get was that she herself was already a Duke. A long lost one. She hadn't known until it was to late. Her real name was Madi Duke. She was the real oldest Duke child, one day she was in the store for Uncle Jesse when she was fourteen and someone grabbed her up. Luke was only two when it happened, Dusty was a year old, and Coy and Vance were only a few months old. She had been knocked out so hard afterwards she didn't remember anything and when she woke up, they all had her convinced she was in fact Madi Hogg, not Madi Duke.

She had best keep it to herself. No one knew her true identity but her so she would just keep it a secret.

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