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Sometimes the Past Catches Up With You


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Another long day at work tired the body but not the mind. The mind recalled a time in her life that left her crushed, and this is the moment that made her. Before she could clearly see the face standing infront of her, a voice awakened her.

"Cassie?" The voice was accompanied by a gentle shake. "Wake up, Honey," she slowly opened her eyes.

"I'm up," she groaned, taking a look around. Once again, she had fallen asleep at work. Fortuantely for her, she owned the place. "What time is it?"

Enos Strate checked his watch, "Five-thirty; I had a feeling I needed to stop by." He pasued with a smile, "I didn't want you to forget about dinner tonight."

Cassie smiled sweetly parring her hair, "I wouldn't miss it for the world." Giving her back a good stretch, she got up to get her bag. "I should probably go home and fix myself up, before we leave."

Almost instantly, Enos shook his head, "No, you look fine; we can leave straight from here." He knew she was beautiful and that she was the only thing he had. "Now, come on we ain't gonna miss our reservation."

"I'm coming, I'm coming.." Cassied picked up her purse. Everyone had left the store, so she figured her manager had closed the front. Her office was her sanctuary and occassionally her bedroom. All and all, Amara Daylen was her home away from home. It's often mistakenly assumed as her identity.

Holding out his hand, Enos waited to lead Cassie out of the back door to his unmarked police car. The force was still going well for him, and it got easier when Daisy Duke sent her usual letters.

Absentmindedly, Cassie slid her hand into his as they made their eway to Enos's car. Exercising his manners, he opened the door for her.

"Thank you," she smiled.

Enos circled the car and got into the driver's sear. Buckling up, just like the abiding officer he was, Enos started the engine. The low rumble didn't interrupt their conversation, "You know that Daisy said they might come out here soon."

She nodded, "It'd be good to see them." There was a pause, "Do they know I moved out here?"

"Well Darlin' all they know is that your in Europe."

"Oh, so you haven't mentioned my newfound success in Los Angeles?" Cassie nodded, "That's good I suppose."

"Come on Cass what was I suppose to say? You're the only thing I've got all to myself out here, and if I'm not mistaken your a completely different girl than I knew ten years ago."

This caught Cassie's attention as she looked at him intently.

"I"m the only one you let call you Cassie anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered by that, but sometimes its hard to say I know you."

"Enos you know me; I'm Cassie. You know little Cassie Morgan that use to get into all the trouble in the world, before the age of five. You know all of my nicknames; Cass, Lo, Casserole, Mo." A smile touched her lips, "Plus, I like being mysterious."

"Is that why you turned into some kind of.."

"Socialite? Media Whore?"

"I wasn't going to say that.."

"But, you were thinking it," Cassie grinned.

Changing lanes, Enos pulled the car into a valet parking section. The valet went around to open the lady's.

"Thank you," Cassie gracefully got out of the vehicle. Enos, on the other hand, opened his own door and tossed his keys to the valet.

Shaking her head, Cassie followed Enos inside the resuarant. "When you said soon, how soon are they coming exactly?"

At first, he didn't want to tell her, but the stubborn look in her eye advised him to do otherwise. "Tomorrow," the answer was short and regretful.

"Oh, well bring them by," she paused before smiling. "It'd be good to see some familar faces."

"Yeah it would..." Enos's lips held a warm smile.

"Are you planning to take Daisy out to dinner?" Cassie knew that answer already, but she figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

"I had thought about it. Where would you recommend?" He stopped infront of the host. "Strate," he spoke clearly and without much of a southern accent. After a moment of scanning the reservation list, the man looked up and smiled.

"Right this way Mr. Strate and Ms. Daylen." If anyone who lived in Los Angeles didn't know Cassie or her fasion line, they didn't get out much."A waitor will be right with you."

Enos was still a gentleman and pulled his date's chair out for her.

"You're such a gentleman," she chuckled softly as she sat down.

The host walked away and Enos took a seat picking up the provided menu. "What are you going to get?"

Cassie followed suit and began studying the menu. "I was thinking the crab salad."

"When are you ever going to eat real food?" He laughed and continued, "Honey, you're getting skinnier and skinnier; you got to eat something."

Rolling her eyes, Cassie set her menu down. "Do you remember me ten years ago? I was a bean pole; now, I'm well rounded."

"Keep in mind you were on cocaine. Plus, now your curves are redefined and mighty nice, if I say so myself."

Cassie nodded, "I now its the heroin era," she paused, "Which I am not taking part in."

"You're clean I know," he smiled and quieted as the waitor approached them.

Puling out his expensive pen and classy notepad, "What may I get the lady?"

"A crab salad."

"And, you sir?"

"The lobster," Enos folded h is menu and took Cassie's. "And, a bottle of your finest red wine."

"Enos!" Cassie exclaimed suprised at his request. "You don't drink."

"I'm going to live a little," he laughed, "It's just wine; it ain't like its a beer at the Boarsnest."

"Good point. Plus, I don't plan on letting you get sloppy drunk."

"We'll see," Enos winked at her.

Time had passed and finally the food had been served. The wine was opened and the bottle diminished quickly. Given about an hour and a half, Cassie and Enos stumbled out of the restuarant. They weren't exactly relying on each other to stand up, but they were on the first level of being drunk. Of course, this was a prime time for the paparazzi to show up, which they did. Bulb after bulb flashed and the pictures for the morning's tabloids were being taken.


Giving her manager the day off, Cassie was running the showroom and helping customers find the garments they needed.

Just as he had promised the Dukes had arrived in Los Angeles as planned. Daisy and Bo had went sight seeing while Luke wanted to look for a new 'LA-type' suit to were to a premiere or show. So, being the friend he was, Enos decided to take Luke to Amara Daylen.

The door to the store opened, but there being other customers in the store Cassie failed to look up. Enos looked nervous as his laugh showed it, "Well Luke this is the finest store in Los Angeles, if you go talk to that lady," he pointed towards Cassie who's back was to them, "I have a feeling she could help you."

Luke looked around and glanced in the direction of Cassie; he didn't recognize her, which was a good thing. "Alright, Enos thanks I'll see what I can do. You don't have to stay if you don't want to.."

Enos almost bolted for the door, "I'm going to get some coffee I'll be back in a minute." With that he exited the boutique.

Luke shrugged and decided to ask for help, "Excuse me miss?.." It was as if he was searching for a name.

"Miss Daylen.." Cassie didn't carry her southern dialect as a business woman. Also, she failed to turn around figuring it was a simple question with a simple answer.

"Well Miss Daylen I'm looking for a classy suit, and I'm sure I need some help getting fit for it."

Cassie stopped what she was doing and turned around, "Well I..." Her eyes tripled in size as she couldn't believe that it was Luke Duke standing infront of her.

"Cassie?" His expression didn't hold any recognizable feeling.

"Hi Luke," she tried to keep a calm smile on her lips.

They stood there staring at each other as they both ironically remembered their last meeting. It was ten years ago when they were dating; Cassie had a drug problem and Luke wanted to help her. Of course, it ended in a big fight where they both said things they shouldn't have. Sadly, she left before an apology could be given, and that was the last time she had seen him. For all he knew she could have fell off of the face of the earth.

[Tag: Anyone wanting to continue the drama by being Luke..or bringing in another character..go for it guys!]

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Dusty Rose Duke had left the same time as Enos did and they both worked for the LA Metro Police Department. Not saying that Dusty didn't like her job, she did. But some times she get to missin Hazzard County and all her friends and even her family.

Dusty like Cassie, had a few nicknames herself. Enos Strate would called her "Dizzy", Uncle Jesse would call her "Blue Eyes", Boss Hogg would call her "Maverrick", Cooter Davenport would call her "Cherrokee Baby", Bo would call her "Bright Star", Luke would call her "Moon Song", Cletus would call her "Flying Eagle", and Rosco P. Coltrane called her "Blaze".

And some times Dusty would live up to her nicknames. Dusty was a very decated police officer, like Enos was, and was a hard worker. But sometimes the Captain was hard on her but that just made her do her job better and better.

Now it was on Dusty's lunch break that she decided to go to 'Amara Daylen'. As she walked in she saw Enos. "Enos, buddy waht are you doin her?" Dusty asked with a grin on her face which caused Enos to blush more. "I swear Enos, you'd turn into a strawberry the way your face turned red..." Dusty said then stopped.

Dusty noticed a burnette haired man talkin to Cassie. "I'd know that vocie anywhere." Dusty said with a grin on her face. The man turned and stared shocked at what he saw. "DUSTY ROSE DUKE! MY LITTLE MOONSONG!" Luke said as he ran to Dusty and spun her around. "Luke what are you doin in LA?" Dusty asked. "Enos envited us out." Luke said as his grin went wide.

"When you say 'Us' do you mean Daisy, Bo, and Uncle Jesse?" Dusty asked. "Yup! That's who's here." Luke said. "Oh! I thought Cooter would come out with ya'll?" Dusty said forlornlly. "Your still sweet on Cooter ain't cha?" Luke asked Dusty with a grin. "Ya Luke I am!" Dusty said with a hughe grin.

Cue Anyone

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Cassie sighed heavily as she seen Dusty come in and take Luke's attention away from her; she was grateful. Turning back around, she continued to straighten up the folded clothes on the table.

Enos noticed what was going on, "Excuse me ya'll," he stepped away from Dusty and Luke. "He needed a suit, and I told him this was the best place to get one."

"I can get it for him," she spoke calmly. The whole time she kept her back to the duo with Enos at her side.

"Honey, don't worry about it; its the past." Enos had a feeling that a million things were going through her mind.

Luke had managed to take their conversation closer to Enos and Cassie. "He's the best candidate for ya then."

Cassie spoke to Enos softly, "Well, should we worry about this?" She picked up the tabloid magazine with their picture on the front. The headline read, Amara After Hours.

Enos's eyes widen, "We know the truth behind this picture; so, how about that suit." He turned back towards Luke and Dusty.

"I can start getting measurements whenever Luke's ready," Cassie too had turned back around.

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Luke looked back from Enos to Cassie than back again. "Dusty honey I just got to get my suit measurements and then I'm all yours." Luke said with a grin. "I'm in no hurry. I can wait." Dusty said with a smile. As she watched Luke toward the back she saw Cassie look at her.

Uncle Jesse told all his niece's and nephew's that the past was the past. And there was no use deweling over it. But sometimes the past can come back to hurt ya and Luke was her cousin and she loved him dearly. She didn't want to see Luke hurt badly like he was the last time.

"Dusty honey, you're not still sore at Cassie are ya?" Enos said as he broke her train of thought. "Oh Enos in away I am. But I somehow can't help but feel sorry for her for doin what she did." Dusty sighed. "But Enos she hurt my cousin dearly. It's just hard to forgive someone, somtimes." Dusty said.

"Well if that's the case then why did you forgive Hughie Hogg!" Enos said sincerly as walked toward the back where Cassie and Luke were. Dusty thought about what her best friend just said. Why did she forgive Hughie Hogg? It was something that Uncle Jesse said that caused her to forgive Hughie. "Sometimes we want to hate somoen so much that eats our insides. But we can't go around hatin somebody. That would be passin judgement. And baby, we don't pas that. That was intended for the good Lord to see fit. He would want us to forgive, right?"

With Dusty, those words stuck with her. He was right. We shouldn't hate but love thy neighbour. But why was it so dang hard to do? Dusty looked at the back room wonderin if Luke was ok? Dusty said some pertty mean things to Cassie since she founded here. She had to get Cassie alone so she could appoligize. And that's what she was going to do.

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Cassie nodded as she grabbed her tape measure, "Hold your arm straight out to the side." Everything was going very business between them and somehow that bothered her.

Luke obeyed and looked ahead of him as she took his measurements, "Looks like you're doing good for yourself.."

"Yeah, things have been going well business-wise," Cassie continously circled Luke getting the precise numbers.

As Cassie stood behind him, Luke's eyes drifted to the magazine she and Enos had been looking at. "Los Angeles had changed ya'll.."

"Oh, that?" She went over to the counter to write down the measurements from memory. "I think Enos was missing Daisy a little too much," the blonde shrugged.

"Oh.." Luke was trying to smile, "So, about that suit?"

"You like blue right?" Cassie was suprised that she remembered that. "I'll find you something nice, and you can pay whenever you come back to pick it up."

Luke nodded slowly, "Okay," he was stopped when he saw her rummaging for something. This triggered the thought of seeing her rummage through her purse many times for the bottle of pills she kept with her. So many times she had taken them to get her through one moment to the next. Thankfully, she was only looking for a tag to attach to the paper with his measurements. His heart dropped to his stomach.

Enos had stopped short of the doorway leading them to Cassie and Luke, "If I hated her for what she did back then, I wouldn't be where I am with her." He paused, "She keeps me company and I swear sometimes she says the right thing that makes me think that Daisy and I can make it. That all this waiting is for the best. Cassie's hurt from love, Dusty, and she hates herself enough for the both of you."

[Cue: Dusty Rose Duke.]

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Dusty smiled at her best friend. "Enos how in the world did you get to be so smart?" Dusty with grin as she watched Enos grin back at her. "I believe with all my heart that you and Daisy were ment to be together. I knew it since we were kids. But Cassie, at one time she was my best friend. And I loved her like a sister. But how do you forgive a life time of pain that she put me and Luke through? She not only lied and left Luke, but she also lied to me. Enos, how do you forgive that?" Dusty said as a few tears slid down her cheeks.

"Dizzy, I know you've had a rough life. You watched Luke after Cassie left, drown his sourows in the bottle. But you honey," Enos stopped for a minute and wiped her tears away and grined at her. "You honey, brought Luke out of the darkness. You helped him go on. Just like I did with you." Enos said sincerly. He took her in his arms and held her.

"But Enos, how can I forgive Cassie all of that?" Dusty asked with head on Enos's chest. "I do, I really do want to forgive her for what she did. But everytime we're together, and the words are on the tip of my tounge, I can't bring myself to say them. Because the past catches up with me, and all I see is the pain she put my family through, namely Luke." Dusty said sincerly as well. Dusty really, honestly, and truely wanted to forgive Cassie, but didn't know wher to start.

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"When should I come back?" Luke seemed hesitant to speak to her.

Cassie's eyes stared aimlessly, "In a few hours, I'll be able to get it picked out and everything. If you don't like it, then it'll be a little longer."

There conversation had uncomfortable written all over it, "I thought about letting Dusty show me around.. uhh.. "

"Don't kill yourself.. This conversation isn't going to get any better," she nodded. "Just go out and I promise I'll have the suit for you."

"Thanks," there was some kind of self pity in his voice, "I'll see you later." Luke turned slowly and walked over to Dusty and Enos. Just as he got to them for a split second he turned and looked back at Cassie.

Enos noticed this and placed his hand on Luke's shoulder, "You alright?" He didn't want to press, but if Luke had anything to say then he wanted to be the one to hear it.

Cassie had a sad look on her face as the silence was broken by a loud voice, "AMARA!" Turning around she saw an associate with a customer, "We need some information on some cashmere sweaters." Forcing a pleasant smile, she went over to help them.

"Yeah, I'm fine. She looks good," he directed this mostly to Dusty.

Enos, however, moved in on the comment, "One of the prettiest things in LA except for ol' Dusty here." He grinned trying to lighten the mood.

[Cue: Dusty Rose Duke]

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Dusty looked up at her cousin and her best friend. She blushed and grined at the same time. "Why do you guys have to get me to turn red?" Dusty said she playfully slapped both Enos and Luke. "Because it's more fun that way." Enos and Luke said at the same time.

They always liked joking with her. They could tease her and not affend her. "Luke, I know you don't want to her this, but it needs to be said. Luke we have to forgive Cassie for what happened." Dusty said sincerly. Luke looked at her with a calm expression.

"Cuz, when time or day comes for to forgive Cassie, then I will. But until then it's just a difficult past." Luke said as he walked out the door to get some fresh air.

Enos looked down at Dusty in his arms. "Dizzy honey don't worry. Luke will be ok." Enos said with a smile. "I know Enos. But I can't help but worry that is one lonely road that Ol' Luke is walking." Dusty said as she hugged Enos one last time and ran outside to show Luke around.

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Cassie sighed as she slowly headed back over to pick up the paper she had filled out for Luke. Pausing for a second to herself, she shook her head and closed her eyes.

Enos mysteriously came up behind her, "Cass, it'll be alright," he tried to look her in the eye. "Luke's still hurtin' Honey."

She stopped him as her eyes opened, "I know.. I wish I hadn't came back to Hazzard when I did because then we would have never been together." It was impossible for her to breathe correctly, so the blonde took in a deep breath.

"What are you thinking?" Enos didn't want Cassie to stay too quiet for too long since that's how she got into a mess anyway.

"That the best thing that ever happened to me just walked in and out of my store and I couldn't stop him." Cassie sighed once again.

"Do you still love him?"

Without a word Cassie nodded, "How could I not?" Her response was soft and almost pitiful sounding.

Enos smiled and pulled her into a hug, "Well, Darlin' that's fine.. it shows that you've got some heart." He grinned. "Dusty was commenting on the fact that Cooter didn't come out with the Dukes."

Cassie found her smile and pulled away to look up at him, "Fly him out."

"What?" He looked puzzled.

"Take my credit card, give him a call, and tell him to get his country bumpkin self out here." While she spoke, Cassie had walked around the counter and retrieved one of her many credit cards for a locked drawer. "I know Dusty hates me; atleast, I can do something nice for her while her families here."

Her whole idea made sense to Enos, "I'll get right on it." He kissed her cheek and made a beeline for the door.

CUE: Dusty Rose Duke

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Dusty managed to catch up with Luke and ahe put him her car and showed him the CIty of Angles. "Dusty, how can you and Enos live out her away from your family back in Hazzard?" Luke asked his cosin as they got hot dogs from a vendor and went to sit on the open beach looking over the oncean.

"We had to go where the money was good Luke. We make more here in LA, then we did as Deputeys back in Hazzard County." Dusty said with a small smile. Every time she thought about Hazzard, she would think about her "Crazy C", her Cooter Davenport. "I wonder who that look is for?" Luke asked with a mischieveious gleam in his eyes.

Dusty began to blush. "I'll will admit that I miss Cooter!" Dusty said with a chuckle as she her older cousin act like a five year old. "What else?" Luke prompted. Dusty started to giggle. "Ok, ok, I love Cooter and I miss him very much. Hey what can I say, I am his little "Cherokee Baby"!" Dusty said with a hughe grin.

"Jsut as long as you are happy cuz, then I'm happy." Luke said seriously. Dusty looked at him for a moment. "But not enough to admit that your still in love with Cassie and that you are not able to forgive her yet, am I right so far?" Dusty asked her cousin. Luke just stared at the oncean. "Luke, when the time is right, you'll know!" Dusty said as she kissed Luke's cheek and laid her head on his shoulder and look out at the oncean with him.

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Cassie had gathered everything she needed for Luke's suit. She started pieceing different coats with pants. It took her a while, but finally she managed to get a black suit with a blue and black diagonally stripped tie. Would he like it? Of course she didn't know.

Enos had called to tell Cassie that Cooter agreed to come on out and he should be on the next flight. Also, he said there was some unfinished paperwork at headquarters that needed tending to. Plus, he hadn't caught up with Daisy yet.

Shrugging Cassie hung up Luke's suit and waited for him to stop back by to try it on. Somehow her work day got a little more stressful.

Cue Dusty Rose Duke

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Dusty drove Luke back to Amara's. Luke was still silent. As she stopped the car and turned and Luke. "Hello in there, where are you Luke?" Dusty said as she tried to get Luke's attention. "In world where it's lonely and cold." Luke told Dusty. "Luke it will get better someday." Dusty said to her cousin as she opened her door and got out.

Luke waited for amoment before following Dusty. He wondered how Dusty got to be so smart. Then he remebered that she went through this too. She went through more hell then he did. He got out of the car, both he and Dusty walked inside. "Well Cassie must be waitting for," Luke said. Dusty smiled and pushed him forward.

Dusty looked around the store in search of Enos. She walke over to Cassie and Luke. "I'm sorry to interrupted Luke, but Cassie have you seen Enos? I've looked around and around this store and can't find him, do you know where he is? In hour and a half we have to be at work and was wondering if you knew if he was around?" Dusty asked Cassie. Dusty couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

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Cassie glanced up at Dusty, "He called and said he'd be at headquarters doing some unfinished paperwork." She smiled and fidgeted with Luke's suit, before looking at him. "Is this sort of what you wanted?"

The suit was black except for the white collared shirt and the satin sapphire tie with black diagonal stripes.

Luke nodded as he looked at it, "It's exactly what I wanted. You did a good job."

"Do you want to try it on?"

"I trust you got it right," Luke smiled. "Dusty, what do you think?" He hoped she didn't do what she usually did and actually say what she thinks about the situation instead of the object.

Cue Dusty Rose Duke

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Dusty's eyes went wide when she saw him. "Wow Luke, I'll have to say that is my favorite colour." Dusty said with a grin. "You know Luke if weren't cousins, I'd marry you?" Dusty said as a joke which made Luke laugh.

"Well MoonSong, that hasn't stopped anyone in this family before." Luke said as he grinned back at her. "You have a point there Cuz." Dusty smiled. "I like that suit on you though." Dusty said as she commented it.

Dusty's facial expression went from happy to sad in a instant. She got to thinking when saw another man in a suit like that. She saw Cooter all dressed up in a suit for her going away party. They got to dance one last time with her.

Luke knew exactly what the sad face was about. He knew that Dusty was missing Cooter Davenport and he wished he could do something to cheer her up.

Cue runningwild

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Cassie knew what the face was for, also. Sighing she tried to steer the conversation in a different direction. "Is there anything else you need, Luke?"

He looked at her and thought twice before he spoke, "I uhh need some shoes." The last part came out fast and he was stalling.

"I can get you some shoes," she motioned for him to follow her. They entered a room that looked as if it had a million shoes in it. "Pick a pair, any pair."

"Dusty you want anything while you're here? I'm in the giving mood today..."

Cue: Dusty Rose Duke

[Oh by the way.. my computer is broken at home so I won't be posting a whole lot until it gets fixed. Sorry.]

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Cassie nodded, "Excuse me," she left the room which left Dusty and Luke alone.

Luke followed the rows of shoes, "She seems different..." Picking up a shoe, he thought about getting it. "Is she clean?" This he wondered outloud.

Looking through some jeans she found what Dusty would like. Using her woman's intuition and designer know how she picked a size.

Cue: Dusty Rose Duke.

[it was fine]

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"Oh Cooter." Dusty said out load. Then she got a look of shock on her face and blushed like a strawberry. "Luke please tell me, I did not just say that out load?" Dusty asked her cousin. "Ok you said it out load." Luke said straight faced.

Dusty gave her cousin a mock glare. "Luke I just told you not tell me! " Dusty said in mock frustration. Everybody around them loved seeing the banter.

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Cassie returned and handed Dusty the jeans, "Here you go." She looked from Luke to Dusty. "So, is there anything else I can help you two with?" Suddenly, it was as if she was trying to get them to leave.

"I'm set," Luke said softly. His voice was accompanied by a look of confusion. "Is everything okay?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"Everything's fine Lucas," she muttered. "I just have more customers to tend to and.."

"And.. what?" Luke narrowed his eyes. "You won't even look at me."

Cassie looked at Dusty for some help, "I'm trying to do the right thing over here..you said.."

"I don't give a damn about what I said," his pain was venting anger. "That was a long time ago; can't we just be adults about this?"

Her eyes went wide as she remembered seeing him get made like this before. "I'm being an adult about this. I'm doing everything I can to make ya'lls visit more pleasant...I wanna be on your good graces.."

Luke just stared at her, "My good graces?" He laughed, "You pushed me away and you hid things from me Cassie!" People were beginning to stare and walk by the doorway to see what was going on.

[Cue - Dusty Rose Duke]

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"LUKE!" Dusty yelled to get her cousins attention. "Luke you need to cool down." Dusty said as she stepped in front of him. He gave a cold look. "Luke go wait for me outside." Dusty told him. Luke made a attempt to go at Cassie again. "Luke go wait OUTSIDE!" Dusty yelled for Luke to move out side.

"Hey Cass I'm sorry about my cousin. He still edgy about what happened between you two." Dusty expalined as she managed to get Cassie to stop shaking. "Cassie for what it's worth I forgive you for happened then and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, for everything I said to you?" Dusty asked.

"If you want I can call Enos to come down here?" Dusty asked Cassie. "Do you want Enos right now?" Dusty asked. And Dusty decided to call Enos. "Enos, hey it's me Dusty! Ya listen Cassie needs you down here at shop like right now ok!" Dusty told her best friend on the phone.

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Cassie didn't know what to say, "Wow." After a moment, she found a place to sit down near where she and Dusty stood. "He got so angry.. I'm trying really hard.."

After about ten minutes, Enos came hurrying down the sidewalk;but, he slowed seeing Luke. "Hey Luke. What's going on?"

The dark-haired Duke shook his head, "I don't know. It was like she was pushing me away all over again and.."

Enos sighed, "Luke ya'll didn't try a sequel to your first argument did ya?"

He nodded, "I never know with her. She's always saying and doing things I can't account for."

"Is she inside?" Enos had no idea what had fueled his friend's fire, but he had to set things straight.

"Yeah," Luke paused, "Why can't she just come clean about what's been going on with her?"

"Because she wants to shield you from it.. "

Cassie despite everything and everyone around her pulled her knees to her chest and made herself into a ball. "I try to do the right thing.. Cooter.." she paused looking up at Dusty, "I'm flying him out here for you; he should be out here in another hour or so."

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Dusty looked at Cassie shocked. "Oh My God Cass! That was you? You are so sweet." Dusty said with tears in her eyes. Dusty never thought about anything else, she forget about the past things that she had said to Cassie and ran and drew Cassie in her arms.

"It's ok Cassie, it's ok! Let it out! Let all that bad pain out that you have had bottled up all these years out!" Dusty said as she rocked Cassie back and forth just like she used to. Cassie was like a broken hearted child needing love.

In that moment both Dusty and Cassie were holding one another, crying in each others arms. In that minute, Dusty looked up and saw Enos walking fast towards them. With tears in her eyes she managed to call to him. "Enos." Was all Dusty said as she broke into sobs.

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Enos slowed and shook his head, "Ladies.. don't cry." Suddenly, everything managed to get out of control.

Cassie quickly forced her tears to dry as she took control of her emotions. "I'm okay Enos you didn't need to come. Dusty just overreacted to the situation." Shrugging, she glanced past Enos at Luke.

The LA lawman stared at her, "He doesn't know what to do with you." Directing his attention to Dusty, Enos smiled softly. "Just wait until I tell everyone on the force that Dusty Duke cried." He winked playfully trying to lighten the mood.

Luke paced back and forth outside, kicking at a few stray rocks. He'd cooled down and knew he couldn't go back in there.

Cassie pulled away from Dusty and Enos, "I should.."

Enos gladly finished it for her, "Go talk to Luke. Honey, you've got to tell him something; he doesn't know.." He didn't want to give too much away because Dusty didn't know either.

Nodding Cassie walked outside, leaving Dusty and Enos behind. This was her shot to be completely honest with Lucas K. Duke.

Enos looked over at Dusty, "We should give them their time, so what do you want to do?"

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Dusty took a couple of deep breaths but the tears couldn't stop following. "Cassie and me made up. She just seems so lost Enos isn't so hurtful to see." Dusty said as she felt the sobs come again. She looked up at Enos, trying to wipe the tears away. "It's so hard to watch her do this to herself." Dusty said as the tears follow heavyly.

"Oh Enos!" Dusty said as the sobs hit her full force. She leaned into Enos's arms and began to baul.

Cue runningwild

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Cassie gathered herself and slowly approached the door. Before she got to it, she could already see Luke pacing outside. Taking a deep breath, she pushed open the door and stepped outside.

Immediately, Luke stopped and stared at her. At first, it was as if he had no idea what to say, then he spoke. "Look I'm sorry..."

She didn't let him finish, "You had all the right in the world to do that, and I deserved it because of everything I've done to you."

This kept Luke quiet as he stared at her wondering where she was going with this.

"Luke, I started pushing you away after.." Cassie almost choked on her words. This is the first time she'd relived this event since she told Enos years ago. "I lost the baby.."

Luke's eyes went wide as he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "The baby?" Now, he understood why she couldn't look him in the eye. Who would want to tell someone they loved that their baby was gone.

"I was pregnant, and I kept taking those pills. So, I killed our baby.." Tears streamed her face, "There was no way I could face you and keep on living in Hazzard knowing that's what I've done."

Letting out a hard breath, he reached out and pulled her into his arms. "Don't cry. It's okay... Shh" Silently, Luke's heart broke at the news, but because he loved her he could forgive her. This made things easier between them; however, he didn't know if they could ever be together again. "Cassie, I would have helped you..God, I would have went to hell and back to do whatever I could to help you.." A stray tear slid down his cheek.

Sobbing into his chest, she took in every word he had spoken. "I'm so sorry...so so sorry.."

Enos held Dusty inside and looked from where he was sitting out to Luke and Cassie. They had made up, or atleast they were hugging. He couldn't tell that Cassie was crying, but he had the hunch that she was.

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