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A Jeep named Dixie


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When I first started watching the Dukes (1st season), my best friend had already seen it (her DVD's), and she told me about Daisy's Jeep, and about her yellow car going over a cliff, so I was actually looking forward to that episode (she didn't tell me which Episode).

So I started watching season two, and got to "Arrest Jesse Duke", but the DVD was acting weird and skippy, so I had to skip scenes sometimes. Then the next thing I saw was the Dukes standing beside a Jeep with Dixie on it and Daisy saying that as it was her car she should be the one to drive it. I assumed that I must have missed when the Boys drove the Plymouth over the cliff, and was a little annoyed, but lived with it...

Then I watched the next episode (Duke of Duke) and the Plymouth was BACK!!! :o The next episode I finally saw that little yellow thing driven over a cliff! :lol:

At first I thought that I must have watched the disks in the wrong order or something, but the numbers on the episode list were right, and 'The Runaway' was certainly numbered after 'Arrest Jesse Duke'...


Did I totally screw up something here or what??? Or did they forget the drive the car over the cliff before Daisy got her Jeep? Or...Or...Or...um...yeah.... :p

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This has been explained before in another topic.The episodes were shown out of order than the way they were filmed chronologically. I read somewhere it was due to sweeps week that that they were originally aired this way.I don't know why they couldn't have corrected this when they issued the DVD sets,maybe they wanted to maintain the consistency of the way they were originally shown. One of the many goof ups in Hazzard history.

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