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Knight Rider (2006) Big Screen Movie


When the Knight Rider Movie comes to Theatres this years will you go see it?  

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  1. 1. When the Knight Rider Movie comes to Theatres this years will you go see it?

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I know this is we bit sticky but from what I heard Hasselhoff say that his Knight Rider isn't going to be like The Dukes Movie. And he took nearly two years before he began production of it and he's directing it and starring it and I have seen this fancy european silver sportscar online that is going to in the movie. From what I've heard he wanted Ben Affleck to play his son in the movie but he got turned out from Ben.

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I will proberly wait until it comes on Pay per view. I can't afford to go to the movies much. It just gets way to expensive, especially when your paying for four tickets, even if two are kids, plus the snacks and drinks.

I sure hope that it is better than some other remakes, such as the Dukes movie. I also wonder, will KITT sound the same? Can they get the same guy to do his voice???

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From what I read and seen,i don't think I want to see it! If you go to


You'll see what I mean. I heard there was not gona be a KITT,he was dismantled and one of his chips was place in some woman's head.

They are talking about introducing KIFT =Knight industry four thousand,

If they do that,forget about it.

Without KITT,they might as well flop the movie now! There are fighting to have KITT,but some have come up with this for a new KITT!transam02.jpg

It looks cool,but I want KITT with his super pursuit mode,how much more technologie do they want more then that????

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Did you click on my addy in white? There are lots of stories about KIFT instead of KITT.

They even showed how they tried to make KIFT float on water.There is a lot of reading and links from other on this site and you have to register to be able to go to forums.

Here it is again:


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To answer your question Iloveschnieder, on my link, you go to spinoff section and you will find the following.

Michael Knight is recalled from retirement because crime has become rampant in Seattle. The current system of freezing convicts is not working. KITT has been dismantled and the parts sold. Devon Miles has managed to recover all but one chip which has been implanted in the head of a female cop, Shawn McCormick, whose brain was destroyed by a bullet. KITT is installed in a box and used in Michael’s ‘57 classic Chevy. He and the cop, who has a chip on her shoulder as well as in her head, are teamed. Meanwhile, the foundation is preparing the new car, the Knight 4000.

I will try to bring forth the other sites I have soon. But like I said, If they don't have KITT ,no use of even trying. I hat the look of KIFT

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