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A Boys Best Friend - voice

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I have no idea why they dubbed it, but thank goodness it bugs everyone else, too! I thought I was going nuts.

FYI, according to IMDB, June Foray did the voice for Rocky. She also did a bunch of other cartoon voices, including some work on the Smurfs. No proof that she dubbed Terry Lee, but it's an interesting thought!


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I always wondered about this, too. Terry Lee's voice definitely doesn't sound like a little boy. It sounds like a woman, trying to sound like a little boy. Maybe they did dub over the boy's voice. The only thing's I could think of is that he was the only kid actor they could get at the time and they didn't like the way his voice sounded, or didn't think it sounded young enough for the character he was portraying. So possibly, they had to record over it. Maybe he was older than he appeared to be. That would be a question to ask John, Tom, or Cathy. They might know.

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