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I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas


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There's lots of room for him

In our two-car garage

I'll feed him there and wash him there and give him his massage


Mom says a hippo

would eat me up but then

Teacher says a hippo is a vegetarian

Boss: I don't care if he eats swamp gas! There are not going to be any hippos in this house! <mutters> Lulu's bad enough

I wanna hippopatamus for Christmas

Only a hippopatamus will dooooo

No crocodiles

No rinocerouseses

I only like


And Hippopatamusses like me tooo!

Rosco: Hippopatamusesssess...hippopatomaieses....gyeee

Flash: Woof

Okay, Jam says I'm having way too much fun with this

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What's the deal with that song? I really loved it this past Christmas. It sounds old but I'm almost 47 and I'd never heard it before. Off the subject, to me the saddest single scene that was ever on Dukes was on the Christmas show (The Great Santa Claus Chase) when Boss was at the Boar's Nest by himself.

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