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Whats a kaiser-sozy?


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thanks man, i looked it up on wikipedia and its actually spelled "keyser soze"

well for any of you who care, in the movie "the usual suspects" keyser soze is a druglord who takes part in a plot to kill someone and goes under a different alias called verbal kint....he is arrested by police under his alias 'kint'...the police agree to release him if he tells them about how he worked for "keyser soze"...he fabricates much of the story and they release him, fooling police once again....Moments after Kint/Soze left on bail, his interrogator figured out who Kint really was, but it was too late: keyser soze was gone, vanished without a trace.

hope everyone understood that :lol:

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Well in 'The Usual Suspects' Verbal was telling the interrogator what he had been told of Keyser Soze. The cop asked him about Soze and Verbal said he didn't think they would ever see or hear from Soze again. Later he said that every now and again Soze would reemerge to do some buisness but would vanish into thin air. When he delivered the line Kevin Spacey (the actor) made the same motion SWS did in the movie.

I agree with the above poster who thinks SWS just meant the girl Katie came around the farm and one day she vanished from Hazzard (probably off to college).


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