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I saw this on the news yesterday, and of course it reminded me of Dukes, especially as it took place in Georgia. The car hit the tow truck ramp at full speed and flew 120 feet (36.5 m). The 21-year-old female driver from Tallahassee survived, but is in hospital. It shows how you must always pay attention when driving.


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Wow! That is amazing. She's lucky to be in stable condition. I wonder if she was texting. She didn't slow down one bit. Of course it is Georgia. Maybe she was changing channels on her CB. Cooter will have that car fixed by the end of the day. I cracked up when the deputy said "That's something we don't see every day". So, even though it's Georgia, it must not be Hazzard County. Oh, they did say southern Georgia, not northern. Thanks for sharing this Hoss. 

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