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Are Tom and John going to be in the Movie


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Seeing as how the Starsky and Hutch movie had cameos by the principal actors of the original series, I'd be surprised if Tom and John - and for that matter, Ben and Jimmie and Sonny and Rick - didn't get some kind of an appearance.

I'd also be disappointed if the original cast didn't get any cameo. That's my one regret of this whole project....that it didn't come about 10 years sooner, and involve the original cast. Rather than dink around with the reunion movies on tv, I wish they had gone to the big screen from the get-go.

Ah well. The fact that the Dukes of Hazzard remains in the hearts and imaginations of so many people, is what's important.

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"They ought to have Tom and John play Bo and Luke's dads and show maybe how the came to all live on the farm together because of the car accident. I know it sounds a little morbid but iit would inject a little bit of emotion into the movie."


I was thinking the same exact thing, actually me and my wife were discussing this at supper the other day. I can't believe someone thought the same thing about the what should be in the movie...I think the movie could be better if it wasn't just some dumb comedy....


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