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Did Bo have any siblings?

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Luke's brother was "lost" in a fire as an infant and was thought to be dead, but shows up in that one episode as a famous boxer named Jud "Killer" Kaine. He is never mentioned again, but it is a 6th season episode.

One could write a story about Bo having a long lost sibling as well. Anything can happen when Dukes are involved.

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Yeah, there was a lot of show-up-once-and-then-dissapear Dukes.lol. I mean how many cousins did Bo and Luke have anyways (besides Coy and Vance) I remember there being at least 4 I can faintly remember (not many names though,lol). They just sorta show up, help save the day, and disappear.lol. te he. Yup, Lukes brother showed up in Brotherly Love.

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