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All Wet

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Is it me, or did Cletus actually get soaked more often than Enos? I was watching one episode (danged if I can remember which one!) and he ended up in the pond 4 times.

I think the Sheriff's department getting soaked was one of the greatest running gags I've seen in TV. It never mattered how many times a patrol car goes into the pond, I always get a chuckle out of it!


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There was one episode, can't remember the title right now, where Bo or Luke tell Cletus that there is a nice little place up ahead for them to pull over. Cletus goes, yeah, where, and either Bo or Luke respond, "Hazzard Pond" which made Cletus immediatly stop! LOL

Poor Rick, he was such a good sport to keep getting dunked like that. I agree, it was a great running gag. Never got old of it either.

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