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  1. Just now, RogerDuke said:

    Great to have you Danny. Tell us more about your love of Dukes. How long you been a fan? Do you have Dukes toys, DVDs, autographs, etc.? Met any of the stars? Have a favorite character, episode, season, scene? Tell us everything. 

    Soon I will. 

  2. On 1/30/2022 at 2:36 PM, HossC said:

    The soundtrack was quite good, but the characters and general ethos/values of the movie bore very little resemblance to the TV show. It was as if the writers had never seen the original series and just created their own back story and history to target a difference audience. The 2007 movie rewrote everything again with characters' ages and history differing from the TV show and the 2005 movie. For example, we all know from 'Happy Birthday, General Lee' that the Duke Boys found the General in a junkyard and painted it orange in Cooter's Garage, yet the 2005 movie starts with General having faded paint and crude graphics, and the 2007 movie has them finding an orange Charger with faded graphics at the bottom of a lake.

    This seems to happen a lot with movie remakes of 70s/80s TV shows. The Starsky & Hutch movie was a year before the first Dukes one. I've only seen it once, and it wasn't very memorable. The A-Team movie was in 2010, and while a couple of the original cast had cameos at the end, it was overloaded with ridiculous CGI. The trailer for the 2017 CHiPs movie was enough to put me off ever wanting to see it!

    Johny from my home town was not good in the movie. The premier in my home town some family went to it. So what? I have it and the other on DVD. It was never as good as the original. And the remote controlled cars were fine. But it was never any good. And that is the new guy's opinion. And the second unrated nasty version is awful. And I'm a Christian to boot.  Just nasty.  

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