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    LizzyJackson-Davenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Musical Chairs   
    Somewhere Other than the night- Garth Brooks
  2. Haha
    LizzyJackson-Davenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in 1/25 scale MPC Model   
    Does anyone know where I can get a 1/25th MPC model kit of Cooter's Tow Truck. Evidently they are really rare and I don't want to pay more than $50 for one. I've tried Ebay but like I said I don't want to pay the prices those can go up to. Some of the ones I see that are listed as Buy it now are 80, 90, even up to $120 for one single kit. I mean seriously it's a model kit and not a priceless heirloom. If I wanted to pay that much for it, it'd never come out of the box and if I did put it together then it had better drive itself and put itself together.
    Anyway does anyone know of anywhere in the U.S. that sells this particular kit for reasonable prices?
    Thank you.
  3. Love
    LizzyJackson-Davenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in dukes back on tv   
    Well CMT has done it again this weekend starting at 7 pm EST Friday, 4 pm EST Saturday, and 2 pm EST Sunday it's another Dukes of Hazzard marathon.
    Also they're showing both reunion movies during the marathons.
    Dukes Reunion is on at 8 pm eastern Saturday
    And Hazzard in Hollywood 2 pm eastern Sunday
  4. Haha
    LizzyJackson-Davenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Name that episode!   
    actually I believe the title is Cool Hands, Luke and Bo but that's a minor technicality
  5. Downvote
    LizzyJackson-Davenport got a reaction from DixieDavenport in God Is Great, Beer Is Good, And People Are Crazy   
    "Your faith gives me hope." Lizzy says smiling.
  6. Downvote
    LizzyJackson-Davenport got a reaction from B.L. Davenport in Say NO to one liners on the ROUND ROBIN FORUM!   
    I really hope you three aren't comparing the one liners in the other threads to those horrible statements. Seriously.
  7. Downvote
    LizzyJackson-Davenport got a reaction from julieszenger in Ashley and Matt's Love Story(Fours Years Later)   
    Lizzy looked at Matt and sighed. "Take care of yourself out there bud and be careful. I love you both and I want you both to be happy. If you ever need anything give me a call and I'll be there as quick as I can. Just if you get them be sure to send us tickets to any race here in Georgia. We'd love to see you race." Lizzy says.
  8. Downvote
    LizzyJackson-Davenport got a reaction from TheLoungeLizard09 in Ashley and Jack's Baby(This is a spinoff of Three Amigos In A Big Pond)   
    "What's this about a virus?" Rosco asks.
  9. Downvote
    LizzyJackson-Davenport got a reaction from Julieduke in Michael Knight meets Dukes of Hazzard!   
    "That I want to get you to bed as fast as possible." Micheal answers.
    "Why would you say that?" Bo asks Lizzy.
    "Well just everything that happened tonight when we put him to bed." Lizzy says.
  10. Downvote
    LizzyJackson-Davenport got a reaction from Julieduke in The Drive-thru Barber Shop/Oil Change and Lube Stop/ Quicky Mart/ Bar and Grill   
    Later that night after Frank had dropped off giving Hughie guard duty a blonde woman sneaks her way up to the cabin. What everyone didn't know is that for the past six years she had been tracking the case of the Mcsweeny team. Natalie Jackson as she was know in the Tennessee branch of the FBI had devoted most of her time to the case and was now assigned to helping the State police bring Frank back into custody. She slowly peaked through the windows pulling her ballcap low to disguise her face. She crept through the front door. Hughie jumped up and she pulled out her taser/stungun.
    "Whoa easy if you're here for Kathy I'm on your side." He says holding up his hands. Natalie looked him over then nodded and walked to where Frank was sleeping. She tased him to make sure he was sleeping then cuffed him with zipties.
    "Help me get him out to the car." She told him. Once Frank was secured she turned to Hughie. "You'll have to excuse my lack of handcuffs I don't have any right now."
    "Will do." Hughie said.
    "Here's the keys to the van I'm trusting you enough to get Kathy back to Hazzard. I hear there's a search party looking for you. If you don't well...just think of it this way there are several trumped up charges I could run you in on Hughie Hogg." She whispers in his ear.
    Hughie reaches forward and quickly pulls off her cap causing her hair to spill down her back and the light to spill on her face. "Well well well...what do we have here? No doubt seven years older but you're the same old Lizzy Davenport."
    "I haven't been Lizzy Davenport in seven years Hogg. It's Natalie Jackson."
    "Your middle name and your step-father's last name. Interesting choice. Died your hair blonde and got color contacts. What made you run from Hazzard?"
    "A stupid mistake." Lizzy answers. "Get her back to Hazzard and I hope I'll never have the pleasure of running into you again."
    "What was that stupid mistake that made you run?"
    "Ask Jeb how farm boys can't keep it in their pants." Lizzy says grabbing her hat and taking off dropping Frank at the federal prison in Atlanta before heading back for Tennessee and home. As soon as she walked in the door a little girl looked up and smiled.
    "Mommy's home." Lizzy dropped her hat and scooped up her daughter.
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