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  1. Hey...just an FYI...Ben Jones's birthday is August 30, but I didn't see it in the announcements. Just wasn't sure if you knew or not. have a super day!

  2. Happy Sweet 16 Lori. I hope your year is awesome!

  3. is your msn being bad again?

  4. You know, it's hard to be "forgiving" for what you did when you do stuff like that. I do not hate created characters like you told Bo I did...and for that matter have you ever even asked me to find out if I did? Have you ever asked me anything about myself? No. You just assume. We talked to you yesterday cuz you were being nice...not talking behind people's backs...it had nothing to do with the fact that you were Luke..it was kind of obvious...I don't like being called a Nazi Emy...and I do not like your words that continue to try to hurt me and Bo. Please stop.

  5. If you were so concerned about befriending me you never would have said all that you did. Maybe BoJames will forgive you (cuz I would hope you'd apologise to Bo too). But considering how you said all that when I wasn't there and then said hey Daisy to me like I am any other friend I have learned that you are two-faced as well as a back-biter. I don't need friends like that.

  6. As I said... words hurt. Have someone say the things you said about me to you and see if you are ready to forgive and call it all good in an instant. I dont think so.

  7. Words hurt. Especially us "old hags" who got nothin better to do than take things to heart. Not being the "nun" you called me, I may forgive someday, but it will NOT be forgotten.

  8. Yeah BJ gave me all I have..:)

  9. That's cool...I have two...but...not the ones you do I guess...

  10. Hey Lori...I had a question for you...how many Tom songs do you have...cuz everytime you sign in to msn you are listening to something different and I'm jealous...LOL

  11. Hey...I think this is a private message...

  12. how long you on for...wanna chat?

  13. I dunno....s'all so confusing

  14. Roger!!!! Read my post !!!!! *big grins*

  15. check out the welcome thread for Bo James...she's here with me

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