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  1. Thanks everybody. I hope you all had as nice of a Christmas as I did. God is good.

  2. Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!

  3. I got Cooter's new book. I'm already half way through with it. He sure had a rough life. Are you going to be at the trivia competition on Saturday night?

  4. Check out the fun fact I just posted about Ben Jones on the "Townsfolks" thread titled "New Discovery"

  5. Hi Bo, I'm sorry I couldn't stay last night for your trivia contest. I really wanted to but I worked all day and barely made it home in time for the 8:00 contest. I really wanted a little family time before the end of the day. Any chance you can rerun it for those of us who couldn't participate? Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*

  6. Thanks Bo. You have my word that I won't cheat. I appreciate this.

  7. Sorry. I'm leaving but I'll be back later tonight. Hey, I see Bo's doing trivia the next 3 Saturday's. Is she doing it after Min's just like last time?

  8. I went through Ben's book (Redneck Boy in the Promised Land) in 3 days. I couldn't put it down. What a fascinating life he's had.

  9. Hey dukefan have you ever been in the chat room? If you're interested we should set up a time. How about Thursday night or Friday night around 9:30 or 10? Feel free to invite other people. If not, we'll get together some other time.

  10. Hey Daisy, what's up? I had to work overtime tonight so I'm logging on late. I won't be able to do trivia Saturday night because I have to work. Hopefully I'll be back in time for Bo's trivia but it all depends on what time I get out of work.

  11. Hi Daisy. I won't be at trivia tomorrow. I should be home by10;00 for Bo's if I'm lucky. Catch ya then I hope.

  12. I'd appreciate it if you told Min I won't be there. Tell Bo not to wait for me. I'll log on as soon as I get home but there's no gaurantee I'll make it by 10:00. Good luck.

  13. Hey if you want to chat, go there whenever you can. I'll keep an eye on the "Numbers of Users Chatting" to see if you're there then I'll join you.

  14. Hey James, I saw Wall-E over the weekend. You're right, that's a really good movie.....very clever. I see why you like it so much.

  15. I wondered where you've been. It's good to have you back. Three months away from the HazzardNet is a scary thought.

  16. Glad to see you're back on the HazzardNet, Redneck girl.

  17. Hi Bo, my computer's been down. I posted it on trivia and Duke or Dupe that I'd be out of commision for awhile but you must not have seen it. My wife has it fixed (thanks to some help) so I'm back now.

  18. Hey, what's up? It's nice to have you on the HazzardNet.

    So, who's your favorite character? How about favorite episode?

  19. Hey buddy, what's new? It almost hit 60 degrees here today. Back to the 30s tomorrow though.

  20. LOL Great minds think alike. We both sent messages to each other at exactly 3:45 without even knowing we were doing it.

  21. I know what you mean about those two part shows. I liked all 3 of them. My favorite character is Jesse and my favorite episodes are the first 5 because of the scenery. Even though it is a long way from me (Georgia compared to Pennsylvania) the scenery looks like where I live.

  22. Hi James, I met you in Canton Ohio last year. It was a thrill. Thanks so much for chatting on Sunday. My 7 year old grandson loves your "Flash" song from the 1981 soundtrack. (I do too....LOL)

  23. I agree. He definitely has made me a better person. He was always like a grandfather to me but now that I'm older, he's more like an uncle to me. I suppose he'll be more like a brother to me eventually....someday I'll look at him as a grandson (Okay, I'm getting a little carried away here....LOL)

  24. I just want to take a moment to thank you so much for being such a vital part of the Best (pun intended) show in history. With the exception of God and my family, the Dukes of Hazzard is the single most influential thing in my life. You sir, are a national treasure.

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