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  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 1 (all Jack Sparrow)

    And really bad eggs

    I'm sorry it's just such a pretty boat...ship.

    You seem familiar have I threatened you before

    You need to find yourself a girl mate.

    Stop blowing holes in my ship.

    But, why is the rum gone?

    Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (all Jack...again)

    Well you smell funny

    Where's my thump-thump

    Oh buggar

    Save me

    I want my jar of dirt

    Guess what I have, I have a jar of dirt, I have a jar of dirt

    Don't touch mt dirt

    (jack) and this dirt is going to help? (Tia Dalma) If you don't want it then give it back (Jack) No (Tia) Then it helps

    Hello beastie


  2. 10 things, that's all.

    1- My favorite movies are the Pirates of the Caribean ones.2's better

    2-My favorite color is red

    3-My favorite TV shows are the Dukes of Hazzard and Supernatural

    4-I like Enos Srate more than Bo Duke

    5-I own over 100 movies and I own over 100 CDs

    6-My 2 favorite country singers are Dierks Bently and Shania Twain

    7- I think the hottest actor ever is Johnny Depp

    8-I love reading Harry Potter books.

    9- I love my family soooo much

    10-I like eating salads

    11-I'm 11 yrs. old, I'm a brunette and I have brown eyes

    12- I have an obsession with lipgloss.

  3. My mom says if I still like Dukes as much as i do this year I'm goin' to DukesFest next year. My dad and me are really happy 'bout that 'cause we know i'm gonna like it as much as I do this year.My mom ain't gonna be happy though, 'cause for some odd reason she hates the show.

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