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The 4 ( 5?) Best Things In Life!

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I just  HAD to mention this!! I don't hardly ever get to do it  but I'm enjoying The 4 ( 5?) Best things In Life right now! 

1. The Dukes of Hazzard ( Two Too Many  Rosco's ) 

2. It's Friday! :)  

3. I don't have work tomorrow!! 

4. I just ate ( while watching  the Dukes) a Papa John's Peperoni and sausage pizza with garlic/butter sauce . 

5.  I'm now enjoying some Heineken Beer! ( Drink Heineken....you'll feel fine again! ;) ) *


* Like I said before, I only play the town drunk on TV but in real life I only have a couple 3 beers at a time on  special occasions.....like NOW! ( No. 1-4!! )    I'm about to watch Lulu's gone away right now! YEE HAA!!!   :)   

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I'm not far behind you, Hobie. It's Saturday morning and 'Southern Comfurts' followed by 'Carnival of Thrills' are on TV in half an hour. I not only have tomorrow off, but also Monday and Tuesday this week (annual leave that had to be taken). I'm not a big drinker, but where you have your European beer, I'm currently half way into a bottle of American whiskey (I know Ireland has many good whiskeys, but I thought I'd try something different), so I may have a sip of that tonight. That only leaves the food element. I had a tasty Chinese takeout last night, but haven't decided what I'll be having later. It's a miserable rainy day here, so maybe something warming and comforting!

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