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Just In Case You Wanted To See It!

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I did see that earlier tonight when I was flipping through the guide channel. I'm not a fan of the movie but I am a fan of putting a flag on television if it stood for something good in context. Free speech is in real danger now so I don't have much hope that the original series will return to TV soon. Next month, the Johnny Knoxville movie might be illegal. 

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Well, once you walk the way they want you to, talk the way they tell you to, then you'll start thinking like them. Then they won't seem like such bad people. THEN you're done for! ( and it's coming!  Even  Now, even the Southerners and Confederates ( people who are REALLY from the south, not just transplants!) are thinking like them and the so called " conservatives"  ( notice the quotes!)  are too....so our culture is on life support right now! 

Oh, I just thought....John Schneider was talking about the flag and he said, " Well, it didn't mean then what it does now." See? History DOES change! ....Right???....yea...sure...right! The people to blame  are the ones who let it ( and some other stuff like it, that's " Evil" now but wasn't then) get this way!  They didn't want to start any trouble, get anybody upset, etc. etc.  Me, I won't be blamed by anybody who is telling the truth! I'm one of those "Prejudiced" " Racist" types who always stand up and speak out and defend the Right! No matter what the consequences are from "Good" people! ( again, notice the quotes!)  

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