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Hazzard and the Cannonball Run

Roth Potter

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I think most people here remember the Cannonball Run movies for Catherine Bach in the Countach, but there was more Hazzard in it than only Cathy. In Speed Zone, which some people consider to be Cannonball Run 3, is John Schneider also driving a Countach. Both of these are quite known.

There is more though, in the first part of the first Cannonball Run are some driving parts which looks like the exact same roads as from the Georgia episodes on Dukes. But that's not why I posted this.

There is one scene where they land and take-off with a plane in the middle of Covington! They land to get some beer. :-o


Here you can see they really did take-off in Covington, the building in the background is the same as in the last screencap.


I was convinced this was already posted here, but I couldn't find it. So sorry If it is posted double now.

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Correct! There seems to be a bit of little nuances like that. For example, in one of the Georgia episodes (One Armed Bandits, maybe?) Bo and Luke are lost in the junkyard and Luke chides Bo by saying, "Burt Reynolds never gets lost," to which Bo replies, "yeah, 'cause he's got a mustache!"

That timeframe would've been when Smokey and the Bandit was released.

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Welcome to HNet, pkoorse.

That quote is from 'One Armed Bandits'. Burt Reynolds also get mentioned in the dialog of a couple of other episodes. In 'Repo Men', as Luke is driving the Rolls Royce away, Cooter asks him, "What do you think Burt Reynolds would do at a time like this?" Luke replies, "I ain't sure, but I know he'd be doing it with somebody a lot prettier than you." This is probably a reference to Burt's Smokey and the Bandit co-star, Sally Field.

In 'The Dukes in Hollywood', Boss tries to pitch the idea of 'The J.D. Hogg Story' where he wants the lead to be played by Robert Redford and Rosco wants to be played by Burt Reynolds. Ironically, Burt Reynolds ending up playing Boss Hogg in the the 2005 Dukes movie.

As another tie-in, between the first and second Smokey and the Bandit movies, Burt Reynold filmed another movie with Sally Field called 'Hooper' which also starred Jimmie Best as Cully. It's a fun movie about an aging stuntman whose position is challenged when a younger man comes along. Like the first two Smokey and the Bandit movies, and the first two Cannonball Run movies, it was directed by Hal Needham. There's even a brief scene filmed on Midwest Street which you can see in the Hazzard Square thread (third and fourth pictures of the post).

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Thanks for the welcome, Hoss! I've been a "lurker" for about a year now. You certainly are the authority related to anything DoH! Your knowledge and contributions to this great site are nothing short of amazing!

I forgot about that line in 'Repo Men' as well.

I haven't seen 'Hooper' yet, but will do so now soon!

They had some great productions down in Georgia in the 70s. I'd love to visit the Covington area someday...

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