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Good Bye Larry Hagman


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Television just lost a legend. Larry Hagman played many roles in his great career. He first rose to superstardom by playing Major Tony Nelson on "I Dream of Jeannie".

However, the role he'll most be remembered for is J.R. Ewing of "Dallas", a role that had recently been revitalized on TNT and is currently in the process on filming it's second season after ratings went through the roof after the first season aired.

I started watching Dallas in 1979 when I was 19 years old. The only reason I got into it was because it came on right after the Dukes and that was the first year Dukes came out. I had to go to my grandparents house just down the road every Friday night to watch Dukes because our antenna only got NBC. They both liked Dallas so I started to stick around after Dukes and eventually I was hooked on the show like them. A lot of people got hooked on Dallas back then and a big part of the reason was because of the role J.R. played. Many described him as someone that everybody loved to hate.

Friday nights hanging out with my grandparents watching our two favorite shows ranks high as one of the best memories in my life. They've been gone for quite awhile now and now yet another one of the actors who helped bring us together has passed on. I'll never forget my grandmother's facial expressions when she was disgusted with J.R.s antics.

The older you get the more people you see die. It's sad but that's one of the prices you pay for being blessed with long life. I'm only 52 so hopefully I'll live decades more but that means I'll lose a lot of people who were a part of my life and Larry Hagman certainly fits that description. I'll miss you J.R. You may have been a dispicable scoundrel on TV but you were greatly loved in real life.

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Wow. quite a story Roger. I've gotten into a few shows that way myself. Somewhat like your story, I got into Andy Griffith years ago because it came on after some cartoon show I used to watch. I got into Beverly Hillbillies because of the word "vittles" My Latin teacher used it as a derivative and told us it came from that show. I immediately loved it and got into Green Acres because they both came on back to back Friday afternoon on TVLand.

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Channel 5, the UK channel that aired the new series of 'Dallas', showed a tribute to Larry Hagman during the week. It was a re-run of the an interview with 'Torchwood's' John Barrowman where he went to visit Larry sometime last year. Larry was in good spirits, and still very engaging as he showed John around his house and garage. It's sad to know he's gone.

I got into Beverly Hillbillies because of the word "vittles" My Latin teacher used it as a derivative and told us it came from that show.

Sorry to go off topic, but I just thought I'd add that traditional butchers' shops in Ireland often have the word "Victualler" on their sign, which comes from the same Latin root.


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Now I can tell people I speak a little Latin.

(Well, that might be an exaggeration but I can say that I know the most important word in Latin)

You could always quote the well-known nonsense Latin verse:

Caesar adsum iam forte,

Brutus aderat,

Caesar sic in omnibus,

Brutus in isat.

Apart from that, I remember my old school motto: "Ad astra per aspera" (Through hardships to the stars), which is very similar to the Royal Air Force motto: Per ardua ad astra (Through adversity to the stars).

Anyway, tempus fugit, so I'll leave it there for now. ;)

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I'm gonna try these fancy words on my wife.

She loves it when I talk in foreign languages she doesn't understand.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Maybe you should play

to your wife - it's the first entirely Latin song in my collection that I could think of. The title comes from an inscription in the portico of Marilyn Monroe's last home, and means "My journey ends here" or "I finish the course".

Latin was popular in New Age tracks of that era because you can also hear it in

. The Latin text includes a quotation from Psalm 24:7-8. The video includes the Latin and English lyrics, as well as a Polish translation, which is odd because the group was founded in Germany by a Romanian!
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Roger, while I'm talking about Enya and languages your wife probably doesn't speak, she also sings some of her songs in Irish Gaelic. Since we're now in December, how about

('Silent Night) - it'll take you a long way out of your Charlie Daniels Band comfort zone ;).
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