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Luke always having head injuries

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Poor Luke he sure got an awful lot of head injuries his most serious is in Brotherly Love

and not to mention he also suffered one in Twin Trouble , Goodbye General Lee.

I don't really know why he got hurt alot then again I dead read an interview once when John said that Tom is very accident prone so that could very well be the reason.

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And he also suffered a bad punch in " In This Corner Luke Duke"!!.

I don't know really why Luke was always the one who got hurt It did seem like

he always was the one who took most of the beatings his most serious injury

was in Brotherly Love he almost died in that one thankfully he didn't.

You see Luke being the eldest was always looking out for Bo even though

they didn't show that on the show that could be one of the reasons

that he always ended being the one who got hurt most of the time.

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