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ages of dukes

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Hi I was watching the dukes.

i was wondering how old they were all supposed to be at the start of season 1

also how old were coy and Vance i know Byron was 28 when he was in season 5.

i was just wondering they always make reference that Bo was the baby and in under cover dukes Jesse refers to Bo as baby Bo


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There is no place in the entire series where they revealed how old any of the Dukes were. On "Happy Birthday General Lee" Luke said that they first got the General when Bo was just out of high school and Luke was just out of the Marines. That would imply that Luke is four years older than Bo because 90% of Marines back then only stayed in four years. But that presents a problem because in a different episode Luke's Marine buddy comes to town and it is revealed that Luke was a combat vet in VietNam ( I think that was "The Great Hazzard Hijack). If Bo got out of high school in 1978 (like John Schneider did) Luke would have joined the Marines in 1974 but US Marines weren't in combat situations that late in the war to the best of my knowledge.

Swamp Molly rescued Jesse from the Feds in 1936. Denver Pyle was born in 1920.

Boss's brother was born on 4-6-26 according to the episode "Baa Baa White Sheep" Since they're twins that means Boss was born then too.

Rosco was 48 in the episode "Mrs Rosco P Coltrane" and was the quarterback for Hazzard High in 1944 in a different episode.

Of course how old they were in real life compared to their ficticious ages were two different things. Enos and Daisy were shown to be about the same age but Sonny's waaay older than Catherine.

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