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Daisy/Enos .... in comics (photo editing)


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So, that's what it's called! I thought I recognized the style.

These are very interesting and artistic but if 'ole Enos gets any friskier I might be drawing a japan anime picture of Uncle Jesse interrupting.....LOL

Uncle Jesse ... with a rifle in his hands for sure. :lol:

Don't worry, I won't post anything M-rated. Anyway, ol' Enos would break out in hives if he only thinks something M-rated. I really like fluff, :oops:, and angst.

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Like I've just said to Roger, I like not only fluff, but a bit of drama and angst too in Dukes' stories (who usually reads my fics knows it very well). So, here it's a possible poster for a dramatic fanfic, Enos/Daisy's centered, as usual. If someone wants to use it as a sort of "photo challenge", go for it: I'd be glad my working with pictures inspire someone to write a story.


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ROFL Now, that's funny!

Don't worry, Roger. I won't ever post something M-rated, but since I'm a really (and hopefully) romantic with a soft spot for Enos/Daisy, well, I like play with my idea of them, exploring thier relationship, and sometimes (OK, very often) I comply with fluff (never M-rated, anyway), :innocent:

And now,

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm working on my first graphic novel (sort of = fanfic illustrated). Only a one-shot, but if it works, in the future I'll try something more complex.

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