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Well I found this forum, Im 45 years old and grew up on the Dukes and Civil War reenactoring in 1981. My Dad and I along with my twin brother watched this this show. I still cant get over how good the TV shows from the 70's and 80's when I was a kid beat all the garbage on TV today. It's a sin I have to search the net for these old shows to show my kids. My Dad or( Mom who has since passed) never told me about about the TV shows she has watched) the kids of the late 1970's thru 1980's need to go thru ol the old TV shows and teach they kids of today the way things were. The only good thing is now you can google the net on the past things that made the kids of the 70's they 80's happy. I am now married to my wife I met in 1986 and I spent 8 years in the miltary as 11 bravo ( Infantry) . I must say old school is the best way , this new PC is not the way.People only need to watch the vids of th 1970's thru 1980's to see what's life all about.


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WELCOME ED66, although so far we have experienced similar childhoods, I have 37 years and I fully agree with your words. I think we are several members of our age, "old school. "

In addition to good television series as "our dukes of hazzard, and good movies of the 70-80" grew up listening to the wonderful V8 BIG BLOCK

a big hug from Argentina. luck!


sorry if you do not understand, this is automatic translation.


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