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Episode experts? :) I need your help


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Alright Hazzard experts, I've got a trivia question for ya.

What episode is it that has Bo and Luke in jail and they use their fishing poles to reach the keys and escape?

Please help me out. I have access to the seasons on DVD but this is more efficient than watching them all through just to find this. That'd take...many days. I'm counting on you all to come up with the answer quicker than that. Hopefully it'll even happen over Thanksgiving. Thanks y'all!!


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I was laying in bed last night after I logged out and remembered the reason Bo and Luke were given the sleeping gas. Then I remembered Hughie Hogg's genie scam and realized I posted the wrong episode.

Hey MM, did Buford get it with my clue or didn't he need it?

I didn't give him the clue, just asked which episode Bo and Luke used a fishing pole to get the keys to escape jail. He came right up with it. I swear, he's an encyclopedia. LOL.

He might be swinging by the chat tomorrow night.

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