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Racing for home


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it has been along time since i played that one but maybe you have to keep hitting the truck it has been like 8 years since that one or right after it came out.

I managed to stop the truck, how I don't know, but now I am trying to stop Boss hogg's car, and there is a van trying to stop me by knocking me off the road.

I had boss cornered 3 or 4 times , yet nothing was showing that I had him pulled over, I don't get what I am doing wrong....and I have to be careful not to sustain to much damage , fun game though, I hope someone can help me???

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Ok, so now I know I have to take hits to pull over jesse's truck and the general lee, but how the heck do I get away from the junk yard with cooter's truck???

I mean the van and car keeps bashing into me and I substain too much damge to even find the other 3 parts I have to find...my goodness, the least is could tell me is which way to go???

Anyone ever played this game???

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I slightly remember that one but cant remember what all you gotta do sorry dukefan no help on this one.

thanks for responding DF1, I gave up, I can't figure out how to get the 5 parts out of the junk yard or how to get out once I do.

I keep getting bashed in by the car and the van, never being able to pick up anything anyways, this episode is so dang frustrating.

Now I am stuck on re runs....lol

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