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Hi! Just registered, so go easy on me if this has been asked before, but does anyone know if an actress called Holly Wagner was in the Dukes? She's now an author/pastor, and may have appeared before she became "Wagner".

A friend of mine who kind of knows her through his Church swears this lady was in the Dukes, but I can't find any leads! Even googling her doesn't shed any light!

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Hi Steve, Welcome to the Hazzardnet.

That's a tough question. I'm not surprised that nobody has responded. I have a complete list of everybody who lives in Hazzard County (or, at least the citizens who were mentioned by name) so I'd be able to help if that was her Hazzard name but since that's her real name, I can't help. Why don't you just have your friend ask her?

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Welcome to HNet, Harlow1-11.

Holly Roberts played Bonnie in 'The Return of the Mean Green Machine' in season 5. She was Vance's love interest (Coy had Ellie Mae) at the opening picnic where they find the Mean Green Machine's tracks, and we later found out that she worked at Boss' WHOGG radio station.


It's the first of only four acting roles listed on IMDb, with the last being the 1984 movie 'Snowballing'. Looking for another Dukes connection, I found that 'Snowballing' also featured Bob Hastings, who appeared in three Dukes episodes as different characters.

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