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Hey ya'll - Been awhile

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Hey everyone here at H-Net.

It has been too long for me not to be on here. Have had a lot going on this year with work and family. And it is all good.

First off - I got a promotion for my company back in June. I was transfered from Long Island to Ann Arbor , Michigan(company headquarters). Big change. I moved out here immediately while my wife and kids stayed trying to sell our house in NY. Well that hasn't turned out so well, real estate market is horrible. They came out Labor Day weekend and found a bigger apartment so my kids could start school and not transfer in the middle of the year.

Right before Thanksgiving we finally got an offer for our house and accepted it. That was a big weight lifted. We just the contracts and inspection done this week. Whew. Now the hard part is trying to find a house here just right for my family.

Now the best news of all. just when I accepted the position , my wife told me she was pregnant. I still have mixed feelings on being apart adn the stress of of everything(moving,selling a house, not having a house yet).

She gave birth Thursday morning to our fourth child. A happy healthy baby boy - Nicholas Matthew. I am so excited. Can't wait until we are complete again with the house for raising the kids.

So long story short. it has been an eventful year for my family and I so far.

So hope to hear from ya'll soon.

I'm back


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Welcome back, we missed ya. I hope things settle down enough by Christmas that you can relax a little. Congratulations on your fourth little Duke and your promotion!!!! It always feels like the "Welcome Back Bo 'n Luke" episode when someone comes back to the Hazzardnet that's been out of town for awhile....only instead of a NASCAR trophy, you brought back a kid and promotion...COOL!!!

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I have to say it is great to be back here as a regular now. I missed the site and all the good people on here. Finally very happy to get the internet again although I have it at work but am very limited.

Too many stories to catch up on in the fiction area, but I will get through em'.

I am ready to get cuffed and stuffed again.


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Thank you for the welcome back and the congrats on my newest little one..

Like I said it feels good to be back home here on HNet. Just wondereing where some of the longtime people are. I see some newer ones on here that are posting regularly but I am not familiar with them with me being gone for a while.

Shoot Brian and Meadow haven't even welcomed me back yet.:wink:


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