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(This is for me and BoJames to do )

Luke Duke woke up with a smile on his face. "I'm a daddy," he thought to himself, feeling the butterflies in his stomach once more. It had been a long time since Luke had felt giddy. He was often happy: singing with Bo in the General, sailing over a washed out bridge, eating crawdad bisque surrounded by his family...those things were enough to make a man happy, and it certainly was enough for Luke. At least, it used to be. Since Jaime had moved in, an emptiness Luke never knew existed seemed to get filled inside of him and the life he thought that could not get better had.

If he had any regrets, it was that now he realized just how much he missed having his own Daddy. It had been easier for Bo; the only daddy he remembered was Uncle Jesse. Luke however, remembered his own... and now more than ever he wished he could sit and talk with him, man to man, about how to be a Daddy.

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Bo nodded a little, rubbing a hand across his eyes....not actually feeling so fantastic now he thought about it though he wasn't about to admit it. "Just...tired I guess..."

Jaime meanwhile was still in bed, despite it being a school day. She may have been Luke's daughter now, as the adoption papers tucked safely away in the house saidl, but she sure had picked up the knack of being able to sleep though things like Bo did. Twice now her alarm clock had gone off and both times she had sleepily reached out and bashed the snooze button and tumbled back into sleep.

Bo too was still asleep, not aware of Luke being awake, tucked safley into his covers and sleeping soundly as always.

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Luke pushed himself up and tickled Bo's foot as he passed by, going to Jaime's room that they had built on and laughed to himself.

Clothes were thrown everywhere, despite the fact that she really didn't have that many to begin with.

He burrowed a path to her bed and bent down kissing her forehead. "For my daughter you sure do take after your Uncle Bo...." he said to himself. "Hey sweetie time to get up..."

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Bo mumbled as Luke tickled his foot, jerking it back under the covers. Now he had been disturbed he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep again, especially not after Luke had tickled him. For some reason, Luke had the ability to make his tickles leave the spot his fingers had invaded tingling afterwards for some time. Sighing, he pushed himself sleepily out of bed and started to get ready for the day.

Jaime however, wasn't quite as easy to get up. At Luke's voice she moaned and turned over, shaking her head sleepily with a small

"Uh uh..."

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Jaime grumbled a little as he left, finally finding her hair clasp and putting her hair up roughly before searching around in her wadrobe for some clothes. She grinned as she pulled some things out and looked over her shoulder....biting her lip....Luke wanted to play Daddy...well it was time to test him on something else...she only every tested him on things to know her boundries...but she also liked to have some fun with Luke when he did something underhanded to get her up in the morning.

Bo was sipping his coffee when Luke walked passed and ruffled his hair, shaking his head afterwards with a small scowl. He couldn't hold it for long though as he once again saw the fulfilled and contented look on Luke's face again that morning. Jaime's arrival at the farm sure had changed Luke, and for the better too. He was more like he was before he had gone to war.

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Jaime was dressed in shorts that could rival Daisy's and a short top that showed off her flat midriff along with a pair of sandels. She had a little make up on and her hair was hung loose down to her shoulders with her school bag slung over one.

Bo bit his lip and mumbled an excuse, not wanting to be in the kitchen for what was likely to ensue.

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Jaime sighed and sat on her bed, looking up at him.

"Daddy i'm 14 years old now....the cheerleaders are never gonna accept me if I don't show em what I got..."

She said, laying down the second line. She knew her father hated the cheerleaders and had adamently forbid her from joining the squad, something she actually was still trying to dissuade him from.

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