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Any Horse lovers out there?

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i was wondering if there was anyone out there who loved horses or who like me has horses. ive got three and i was wonderin how to check and see how old they was, cause i bought a mare who the previous owner had said she was 3yrs old and shes getting white spots on her back and her mane is getting white, shes a ky mountain saddlebred, then ive got a 6yr old or so the previous owner says, rocky mountain/arabian gelding, now ive always heard that you can look at their teeth, im not sure how to go about it though. and if any of ya'll know about the best horse dewormer out there that can cure worms fer ya horses let em know please cause my mare is in bad shape and dang it i cant afford to take her to the vet cause i aint got my allowance yet and i dont wanna wait too long. thanks much ya'll!

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Hey there!

I work at a stables occasionally as a voulenteer and just the other day they told me how to measure how old a horse is by their teeth but I just can't remember how to do it! lol. The best thing would be to get a horse dentist to come out and show you. And as for the de wormer thing I don't know in the USA.

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