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HazzardNet Moderator Aptitude Test!

Brian Coltrane

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Moderator Quiz!

Do you have the qualities of a HazzardNet Moderator? Take this handy aptitude test and see where you fit!

1) You find an objectionable post that is offensive and inflammatory. Do you:

a. Ignore it

b. Post something even more offensive and inflammatory

c. Modify the post selectively to tone it down

d. Modify the post outrageously to amuse yourself

e. Quietly delete the offensive post

2) A new user needs help with their avatar, and they need help with posting to the Photo Gallery. You see the plea for help in the Forums. Do you:

a. Ignore it

b. Answer just one question to see if they’re paying attention

c. Reply immediately and answer everything you can at once

d. Defer the questions to a smarter Moderator

e. Post complete instructions for everyone’s reference

3) The Forums have been slow, and topics have been inactive. What do you do to stir things up?

a. Start a rumor

b. Post a dirty limerick

c. Comb the internet for news and interesting tidbits to post

d. Pick a fight with your fellow Moderators

e. Start a Poll question to get people involved with a topic

4) A quarrel breaks out between two longtime members, and with each post the fight grows nastier. What do you do?

a. Ignore it

b. Join the fray

c. Post a peacekeeping message while respecting both views

d. Narrate the fight for those tuning in late to the fracas

e. Warn the aggressors, then ban one or both if necessary

5) The Webmaster threatens to replace you with an automated program. What do you do?

a. Call the bluff

b. Stall for time

c. Recite your contributions and accomplishments

d. Start making contributions and hope it’s not too late

e. Test the program to make sure it can do everything

6) You and a fellow Moderator are at odds. How do you handle this awkward situation?

a. Whine to anybody that will listen

b. List your grievances on a post and sway the public

c. Keep the issue private and remain professional

d. Have an open brawl on the Forums

e. Do all you can to resolve the issue quickly and make peace

7) You realize you’ve got about 1,000 posts and several years of your time devoted to a website. What do you do next?

a. Wonder if there is something else you should be doing tonight

b. Post some more and shoot for 2,000

c. Share your best memories and remember how it all began

d. Think of all the TV you’ve missed

e. Look forward to more shenanigans!

Answer key: If you chose mostly a’s, b’s, or d’s, then you have every one of my unremarkable qualities, and you’d make a completely ineffective and disruptive HazzardNet Moderator. Yeeehaaw!

If you chose mostly c’s and e’s, then you have MaryAnne’s outstanding qualities and you’d be a great HazzardNet Moderator! Sal-ute!

If your answers are a mixed bag, then your temperament would make you a great Webmaster! Woohoo!

Disclaimer: The questions in this quiz are completely hypothetical as are the answers, and in no way should they be taken too seriously or be used as an accurate depiction of HazzardNet.com, which certainly makes no claims, warranties, or promises concerning what the hell we’d do in any given situation from one minute to the next. Void where prohibited. Discontinue use if irritation persists.

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