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Daisy's Shotgun Wedding Question

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I use this episode to tell my boys that this is how they are to be with their little sister. PROTECTIVE of her. Not over protective, just protective. And I use this to show my daughter how her brothers are going to be with her. Protective of her! LOL

I thought it was the 5th season because Daisy mentions how ever since they got back from the NASCAR certcuit they have been smothering her. I thought that maybe there was something from an episode or so before this one that mentions why. Guilt maybe for leaving her?


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I don't have a clue but it won't be soon that's for sure.

They just released the third season around here so I guess it will take a while.

Worst thing is though, they also stopped airing the reruns some time a go so I'm really stuck watching season 1,2 and 3 over and over again!!!

And reading lots of fan fiction ! haha



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