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Luke's Girl


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This is a story Of how Luke Duke Met his future wife Dr Kathleen Spencer. and how her Father Kyle Spencer didn't like Luke at First . So if you want to find out how they met then sit back and relax cause you are in for a ride.

Bo and Luke was on the nascar sercet. and now they are in Chicago for a big race they will be up againest some of the best drivers.


Bo was checking out the track and Luke was getting formiler with the pit crew.


Kathy was coming out of her office when she spotter her sister Tina walk threw the door and she though Oh man what does she want me to do now. Tina walked up to Kathy and she said Hay sis I got 2 tickets to the races saturday. Want to go with me.

Tina you know I don't like car races. and besides the only reason you want to go is to met a guy.Kathy Said. Well ya isn;t that the point. Tina said . Kathy Said Tina you are hope less. Ok I will go with you. What time saturday? The race stars at 11.00 am. and I will be at your house at 10. to pick you up. cause we need to get there early so we can get some good seats. Tina Said. Ok Tina See you then Now I have to get back to work. Oh if you see mom tell her I can't come over tonight I have to work another shift. Kathy Said as she headed down the hall. Tina said ok and then she headed for the doors and Left.


Bo walked up to Luke and said this is an easy track. Luke was going to say some thing when he hurd someone say Hay Bo and Luke Duke What are you 2 doing here? The Boys turned around and there stook Cale Yarbroough.

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Luke looked at him and said Cale Howare you? I'm fine boys I'm racing saturday. Luke Lookedat Bo andBo smiled and said So are we . What thats great. So what are you boysdoing tonight. We are going back to the hotel and rest up for the race tommorrow.Luke Said. Oh come on Luke I want to see Chicago. Bo Said. Bo we can see the sights tommorrow after the race. Luke Said.


Kathy was up and she was getting ready for the race. Then she hurd a knock on the door and she went down the Stairs and she opened the door and there was here sister, with asmile on her face and she said are you ready. Kathy said Ya let me get my purse and then she grabbed her purse and then she went out the door.


Kathy and Tinashowed the guy at the gates their tickes and then they went to sit down.


Bo was walking towards the pits whe he turned to look at a pretty girlwalk by when he didn't see the pot hole and he stepped right in it and he went down. Luke saw him fall and he went right to him and he said Bo are you all right. Bo lookedat him and said Luke I think my foot is broken. Bobby walked up to them and Luke said Bobby help me get Bo to the benches and then got to the announcer and ask him to ask if there isa doctor in the house. So that is what Bobby did.

Kathy and Tinawas sitting in the bleachers when they hurd Is there a doctor in the house. I f there is please go down to the pit area they need you thank you.

Kathy got up and Tina looked at her at her and said where are you going?

I'm going to the pit area someone needs a doctor.

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Kathy got up and Left with Tina right behind her.


Kathy and Tina walked up But Bobby stopped her and said you can't be here. and Kathy Said I'm a doctor. and then Bobby took her to Bo and Luke. Kathy looked at Luke and smiled and said I'm Dr Kathleen Spencer. Luke smiled back at her and said I;m Luke Duke and this is My Cousin Bo Duke I think he broke his ancal. Kathy walked over to Bo and took a look at his ancle and she gentaly touched it in a few places and Bo said Ow. Kathy Said It's isn't broken it's Just sprained real bad But he won't be able to drive today. I'm going to put a brace on it and I want you to go to County General Hospital as soon as the race is over and get it checked If you want I will go with you cause I work there.Kathy Said I will like that. Cousin it looks Like you are driving today.Bo Said.

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Luke went to Suit up .

Kathy and Tina started to leave and Luke said Hay you and your friend can watch the race from right here in the pit if you want to.

Ya thanks. Oh this is my sister Tina. Kathy Said. Hay Kathy What are you doing after the race Luke said. Before Kathy had a chance to answer Tina Said She's showing you around town. Then they hurd the anouncer say there is a change of driver Driving #56 was Bo Duke, Now It's Luke Duke Good Luck Luke.

Then ther Pit Crew started to Puch the Car to the starting line. While Luke walked behind it. Then he got in the car.

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then the Anouncer Said Gentelmen start your engins. And then the race began.Luke was in 7th possion.


Bo was on the mic talking to Luke. He said Now Luke you took that corner a little to sharp. Ok Bo Iwill remember that. Then Luke went from 7th to 6 TH to 5TH.

Kathy Started to get into the race she Yelled Go Luke Go. Tina laughed and said to her I though you didn't like car races or I got it you like the guy driving the car. Kathy gave her sister a look. then she said Shhh I want to see the race.

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Luke went from 5th to 4 th the from 4th to 2nd. and there was one lap to go.

Bo said come on Luke you can do it.

he was coming up on the leader which ws Cale and Luke went past him and it was half a lap left. Luke was sill in first place and then the checkered flag came up and Luke won.Bo did a Yeeehaaa. and Luke drove the car up to the Pit he got out and he swung Kathy around. and he kissed her. and then Luke went and did the victory lap. and People took pictures .


Kathy,Bo,Luke, and Tina walked in the doors and she walked over to Abby and need to get this man to x-ray to see if he broken his foot. Abby looks at Kathy and said ok Doctor. and she got a wheel chair and Bo sat down and Abby to Bo to X-ray.

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Well we will be here for 2 weeks and it looks like Luke will be racing while we are here Bo said. and then Mark gave Bo the crutes and he said you can go I know you are in good Hands Cause Kathy is one of the best doctors we have. Mark Said as he smiled. Kathy looked at him and said Thanks Mark. Then she walked out the door. and they got in Kathy's car. and then they headed for the middle of town and then Tina spotted a sing at a concert hall and it said Alabama apparing tonight. and Tina said Kat, Alabama is in town. want to go see them. Kathy looked at her and said for course. Luke smiled and said you like country music. Kathy said Ya I love it Exprelly Alabama. So Kathy turned the car around and went back to the concert hall. she Parked the car and they helped Bo into the concert Hall and they got their seats and they waited for the show to start. and the it finily started and Alabama came out on stage and they started with Can't keep a Good Man Down. and Kathy started to sing with them. and Kathy was getting into it, then they sang next was touch me when we are dancing.

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and the last song they sang was I'm in A hurry(and don't know Why). and then they went out and Kathy and Tina showed them around some more. Then Kathy looked at her watch and said I really hate to end this but it's 12:45am and I have to work early in the morning. So Kathy went back to the fairgrounds to drop the boys off to their car. Luke said have a safe trip home. and then he kissed her, Kathy Gave him her Phone number. and then she backed her car up and headed for home.

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Kathy pulled into her driveway and she got out and Tina followed her into the house and said Sis can I crash here. I don't want to desterb mom and dad coming in so late. Ya sure you can have the spair bed room. I can't stay up and talk I have to get to bed and get some sleep. Kathy Said as she went up the stairs and went to bed.


Bo smiled at Luke and said. Hay Coz you got it bad for the doc. Luke smiled and said no I don't. Ok Luke what ever you saw.Bo Said. She is Pretty isn't she. Luke Said. Ya she is Bo Said.

5 hours Later.

Kathy got up and she took a shower and got dressed. and made coffee and went to the hospital.

Mark saw her come in and he smiled and said did you have a good night. Kathy smiled and said we had fun. Then the ambulance came in with a stab victim. and Kathy went to work.


Kathy was in her office when her Father Kyle Spencer Walked in and he was mad. How could you go that?

Dad,Do what?Kathy Said. I expect that behavor from Tina but not you.Kyle Said. Dad again I don't know what you are talking about.Kathy Said. Last night, My friend John saw you On tv huging and Kissing a strange man.Kyle Said. Kathy looked puzled and then she remembered The Car Race and Luke Duke. Dad that was Luke Duke he's a great guy.Kathy Said. Ok How long have you know this Luke Duke?Kyle Said. I just met him Last night. Kathy Said. Kathleen Ann Spencer you know better then that. Kyle Said. Dad I'm a grown women I can see who ever I want.. Kathy Said. Kathleen when It comes to men you haven't had a very good track record. Kyle said. Thanks Dad. Kathy Said.

Kyle was about to saw something eles when Abby came in and said Excuse me But we need you. Kathy Got up and said excuse me Dad I have to go we can talk about this later. Then she walked out the door.

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In the meantime Micheal Szenger was going otthe airport to pick up his Uncle Rosco in the Black Charger that his dad had just given him. Wait till his Uncle sees this car right here.

Micheal had gotten to the airport and had his sign up for his Uncle and they had said their hi's and he couldn't wait till he told him about Jessica, the love of his life.

Micheal see his Uncle Rosco and he sees that he is looking for his parents as well, and he waves his Uncle over and says "They sent me and wait till you see what dad gave and I going to show what he taught me as well."

Rosco was worried and they walked overed to Joe's Black Charger and he ask Micheal about the car.

Rosco says "Isn't that your dad's car overthere you mean he let you borrow it today."

Micheal says " Not anymore he gave me the Charger when I got my driver's license last month don't you keep up Uncle Rosco. Wait till you meet my Jessica I met her when her broke down I gave her some help. Her name is Jessica Lee Petty and for some reason everybody at school think that she is really cool but me I personally don't get when they see is so cool."

Rosco says "Wait a minute is this Jessica Petty related to Richard Petty, Micheal?"

Micheal says "Ya, that is her Uncle but what is so cool that everybody keeps asking me about it."

Cue Dukesrule2000

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Kathy was getting out of work. when she saw Luke pull up andhe said Need a ride. Kathy smiled andsaid Ya sure. Kathy got in the car and she shut the door and she scooted to the middle of the seat so she could sit close to Luke, Luke looked at her and said Baby what's the matter?

My father stopped the hospital today and I think he really approves of us. Luke smiled and said is there an us to approve of. Kathy Said I would like to think so Luke. But Dad has never acted like this before I don't know what came over him.

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Luke said give him time he will come around. and plus he hasn't ment me yet. Luke I don't know if I want Dad to met you right now he'sacting strange.


Tina was coming down the stairs. and her father stopped her and said Tina I want to talk to you about your sister and about this Guy Luke Duke she started to see.Tina walked over to her father and said Dad Luke is agreat guy. we met him last night at the cae race last night. He's a race car driver along with his cousin Bo. A RACE CAR DRIVER. Tina for all the guys to get your sister involved in. Kyle Said. Dad Kathy is a big girl she can handal herself.

Back in town..

Luke stopped his car at a city park. and he said Kath why are you so worried about your father?

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Because Luke my father is use to getting his own way. when it comes to things.and he can get dangerous when you cross him and I really don't want you in the middle of this you should have seen what he did to the last boyfriend I had. and I don't want that to Happen to you. Kathy Said. Luke just smiled and said Iain't worried about it.

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Luke slide closer to Kathy and he kissed her. Kathy smiled and said I can see why you ain't worried and they both laugh.


Rebecca was tring to calm Kyle down. Kyle what has got you so up set I haven't seen you this upset sence Kathy was dating that guy in the Navy. and I though he was a nice youmg man.

Well looks don't do anything. I just checked on this Luke Duke you know he's on probation for running moonshine.

Kyle I don't see the problem there are a lot of worse thing he could have done. Rebecca said.

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and plus dear you don't have the whole story.Rebbeca Said.

Back in the Park/

Kathy and Luke was getting to know one other.

Luke said well My Parents died when I was 2 years old and My Uncle Jesse and My Aunt Leventia raised me Bo and My cousin Daisy. and the family ran Moonshine but me and bo got cought driving it. and in order to keep me and Bo out of Jail Uncle Jesse promised never to Make moonshine again. and he has kept that promise. Oh I was in the Marines.and I fought in the war. and we live on a farm in Hazzard County Georgia. Now tell me a little about you. Luke Said.

Well my life isn't that exciting. My Life is quit dull. My father is Kyle Spencer and he is on of the tuffest Judes In Chicago and my mother Is rEBECCA sPENCER she is the best Lawyer in Chicago. I have on Sister Tina She is the oldest but sometimes I feel that I'm the oldest. I wanted to become a doctor eversence I was 16 and I watched my grandfather die.I wAS REAL close to him..

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I never really got into trouble. that was my sister Tine she was the wild and still is the wild one.I have been working at County for 4 years now ever sence I gradulated medical school. I have some great friends there. I have dated in the past but not much cause my job is demanding. and pluse as my father just reminded me my track record with guys isn't very good.Kathy Said. Well Kath you luck is fixing to change. Luke said as he kissed her.

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Kathy had went to her parents house and their was her ex-boyfriend and he was just talking to her dad like nothing bothering him. What Zack did bothered her greatly and she didn't care if he was the highest paying Neurosurgeon in Chicago and from the richest family there. She didn't love him and that was all there was to the whole thing, and so what is he had the a brand new Mercedes she vowed that she never have a Mercedes just so she can say that she is a rich and successful doctor. Kathy and Zack was once engaged but she broke it off six months before they was supposed to get married. And her dad was mad that she had fell for a guy like Luke Duke and that he didn't come from money and that maybe he wanted her to marry Zack but she didn't love him and she just would've end up divoricing in the long run.

Cue Dukesrule2000.

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Kathy walked up to her father and said Dad we need to talk. NowKathleen can you see I have a guest.Now don't be rude. Kyle said. Kathy said Fine Dad I Will Talk to you when he leaves. I will go visit with Mom. Kathy Said as she walked out the door of his office.


Rebecca was at her desk working on one of her cases. When Kathy walked in.Rebecca seen that her daughter was upset. so she stopped what she was doing. and she said Kathleen what's the matter? Mom It's Dad. Did you know he invited Zack here? No I didn't Kathleen. So What's the problem?. MOM. Dad just invited him here cause I started to date Luke and don't want me to date him Mom Luke is a great Guy No his family ain't Rich. But mom I think Luke is the one.Kathy Said. Rebecca Smiled and said.Well if you think is the one then I would like to met him Why don't you have him over your house and I will come over and I will met this young man for myself and see for my self and I will bring Tina with me I could tell your father that Tina and I are going out can you have him at your house lets say tommorrow night around 5. Rebecca said.

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Ok Mom Kathy Said. Just then Zack and Kyle came into the liveingroom and Zack said Kathleen why don't you go out with me tommorrow night.

Zack I told you one before I'm not instered in you anymore and Plus I buzy tommorrow night. Mom I and Tina are having a girls night out.Kathy Said. So maybe some other time Kathleen. Zack Said. Zack,what part of no don't you understand? (walking towards the door) Oh Dad I will come back later when the air is cleared. Kathy Said. KATHLEEN ANN SPENCER. Kyle Said. Kathy walked out the door.She met Tina at the door and she said Sis want to go for aride with me. sure sis lets go.Tina said So they got in Kathy's Red Firebird and left.


Bo and Luke was checking out the car Bo was walking on he foot and Luke said Now Bo Kath told you to stay off that foot. Bo smiled and said and said what she don't know won't hurt her.

Just then Luke saw Kathy's firebird pull up. and he said well cousin she's fixing to find out. Bo turned around and he saw Kathy and Tina headed towards them.

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Tina says "Hey sis I'll keep company since he has to stay off his foot maybe we could watch a movie or something."

Kathy says "Good idea Tina."

Luke agrees with Tina and then him and Kathy take off in her Red 1983 Firebird and they pull into the local restaurant and Kathy glances around and sees that it's Zack at the same place. Kathy tells Luke about it and tells him who he is and how he won't give up on her no matter what. Zack walked up where her and Luke was sitting and introduced himself and said that in Chicago he is the best Neurosurgeon. Zack with his blond hair and his stuffy attitude about himself he walks back over to his table.

Cue Dukesrule2000

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Luke Started to get up but Kathy stopped him. Kathy Said Baby that's what he wants. Luke looked at her and he sat back down. and he said ok Kath but we will met again. Luke said. Kathy just leaned over the table and kissed him like she had never kissed any man before. Luke looked at her and said WOW. now that is what I call a kiss. Zack was watching them . and Kathy saw that he was watching and she just smiled. and Kathy said Lets go and see what tina and Bo are doing? So they got up and went out to the car but before they went out the door Kathy grabbed Luke's hand.


Kathy pulled her car up in her driveway. and she shut off her car and Luke said BEfore we go in I want to do this and he slide over to her and he gave her a real passoinit Kiss. Kathy looked at him and said Wow.and Luke just smiles. and then they got out of the car and went in the house and there was Tina and Bo sitting on the couch and laughing. and Kathy walked up to then andsaid what's so funny and Tina looked at her and said nothing and Kathy just smiled. and Luke sat in the recliner and Kathy sat on his lap and they watched the movie.


The phone rings and Kyle answered it. Who she was, you did. you men it didn't work ok we will have to try something eles then.

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Bye Kyle Said. Who was That dear? Rebecca said. Nobody,Wrong number Kyle Said. he went back into his study and he shut the door. Rebecca came out of her office and she decited to go to Kathleen's to talk to her to let her know her father is upto something.. So she got her purse and went out to her car.


Bo Tina,Kathy and Luke was watching a movie. when she hurd a car pull up and then a knock on the door and then Kathy got up and opened the door. and there stood her mother. Kathy hada surprise cause her mother usally don't come unanounced. she Looked at Kathy and said Kathleen we need to talk.. So Kathy led her mother to the living room wher Rebecca saw Bo and Luke and said Kathleen I'am sorry but this is important I need to you and Luke riight now. Kathy looked at Luke and he got up and they all went into the kitchen. Kathy interduced her mother to Luke. Rebecca said this isn't how i planned to met you but I though you both should now. That Kyle is up to something I don't know what it is .and I know he has to do with the both of you and Zack so becarefull.

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