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Additions to General's Paint Job

Beauregard Special

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Let's talk about things that could be added to the General's paint job, just 'cause. how's this? Flames riding from the front bumper to the door side of the front wheel?

Back two years later, in case someone reads ancient threads, hope the system doesn't bump this deal up. I didn't mean desecration at all, just, y'know, for humor purposes, but y'all are right, you don't change a uniform and that's just what the General's paint is: his uniform, and you just can't deface that.

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that would look terrible, like every other hot rod.

the whole idea of the general is that it was a track car that was used every day, not some customised hot rod.

if anything, make a few subtle changes such as bo and luke's names on the doors like they have in racing, and maybe a few cooter's garage decals on the side like sponsors and maybe a big cooter's logo in the back window.

things like that would be cool in my opinion

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