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Cool idea for a Dukes screensaver

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Hey y'all.

Probably only those of you who grew up watching the Dukes in its original CBS run will know what I'm talking about, but do you remember midway through the show, during a commercial break, they would show that same shot of Waylon's hands and guitar, playing a snippet of the theme song, which faded into a shot of the General Lee flying through the air and Waylon's voice saying "Dukes of Hazzard will continue" and the General was then freeze-framed in mid air? They also did the same thing as the show was coming back from the break, only there was no voice-over from Waylon, it was just the music playing over the shot.

Well, I was just thinking that would make an awesome screensaver, if anyone had a downloadable version to put on the net for fans to use. I would prefer the second version, without the Waylon voice-over. But I imagine it would be hard to get unless there are fans out there with original recordings from CBS, including the commercials. Any thoughts?


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