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Hazzard Personality Quiz!!

Brian Coltrane

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Take the Hazzard Personality Quiz! Find out if you are a daring Duke, a greedy Hogg, a sneaky Coltrane, a loyal Davenport, or a reliable Strate! Select ONE answer from each of the following questions, then total your score for the revealin' insight to your inner Hazzardite!

1) The thing MOST important to you is:

a. Money

b. Family honor

c. Self-Survival

d. Helping others

e. Having fun

2) You're in an all-out car chase against your arch adversary, when suddenly they lose control of the car and wipe out. Do you:

a. Chortle with glee, gloat, and do a dance

b. Go back and make sure everybody's okay

c. Thank your lucky stars it didn't happen to you

d. Radio for help, just in case it's worse than it looks

e. Rate the crash on a scale of 1 to 10, congratulate survivors

3) You find a sack full of money and have no idea where it came from. What do you do?

a. Count it

b. Turn it in to the authorities

c. Suspect it could be counterfeit or stolen

d. Ask around to see if anyone reported losing it

e. Share it with your friends, buy a round at the Boar's Nest

4) You feel good about yourself because:

a. You're wealthy

b. You've got a happy home

c. You've made it this far

d. You've done nice things for people

e. You're crazy

5) You're in big trouble and about to be in serious danger. The only people that can help you are your sworn enemies. Do you:

a. Shamelessly beg for their aid

b. Ask for help without really expecting any

c. Write your Last Will and Testament

d. This isn't a problem, because you have no sworn enemies

e. Remind everyone that you fix their cars

6) You've got some free time. Do you occupy yourself by:

a. eating

b. driving/fishing/skinny dipping

c. sneakin' a snooze

d. volunteering for extra work

e. hangin' out with friends

7) It feels perfectly natural for you to say which of the following?

a. You're fired!

b. Yeehaaa!

c. Khee!

d. Possum on a gumbush!

e. I might be crazy but I ain't dumb!

8) How do you feel about lying to somebody?

a. completely comfortable

b. you never lie

c. it all depends, ya see

d. you couldn't live with yourself

e. you'd do it to protect somebody


If you chose mosty "a" - you're a conniving Hogg!

If you chose mostly "b" - you're definitely Duke material!

If you chose mostly "c" - you're a genuine Coltrane!

If you chose mostly "d" - you're a Strate for sure!

If you chose mostly "e" - you're a Davenport at heart!

If you got a real mix of answers - you're a first cousin to some and a second cousin to others!

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OKay, would you believe i am mostly b's and e's with a c? oh, with that thing of rating crashes, yes i have done that before, me and my mom were going by this shoping center, and someones accelorator got stuck adn they crashed into the fence. well the person bailed out first and was walking around, but i'd give that crash an 8. the front end was totaled, no one was hurt, but it didn't blow up. It slammed into a fence full speed after swirving around in a dukes turn. but it did ramp up when it hit the fence which was cool, but someone needed to get a new car... but it had just come out of a car place where it had been worked on!

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I had fun puttin' it together. Glad ya'll enjoyed it!

I tested positive for Coltrane, btw. KHEE! It looks like we all hit pretty close to our "character traits" with the outcomes, eh? ( Vicki, I had no idea you had any Strate genetic programming in ya! And Essy, I didn't have any Tizdale specifics in here, but it makes sense that if there were any, it would come out as a combination of Strate and Davenport.)

Now, the interesting thing is that there is not a Hogg among the lot of us. Of course, the Deputy hasn't posted her results yet.

( Just kidding, MaryAnne!! Don't shoot me. ROFL.)

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GAH!!! Awright, don't anybody get yer hopes up, 'cause I doubt that MaryAnne really meant that lil' threat.

Besides, she wouldn't shoot me around the holidays. *checks calander* Looks like I'm good for a few days yet...so let me just say this to the esteemed Deputy...

You couldn't hit the broadside of a barn, blue-sleeves. :p

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Howdy yall MMD here me, Bill and Sandra took the test.

ME: 4b, 2c, 1d, 1e I got the wrong family.

Billy:5e, 2b, 1c defenately Davenport!!!

Sandra: 4c, 3b, 1d I can't be related to a HOGG!!!!!!!!!!

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Reply to Mad Max: Boy howdy, you got Duke sympathies there, don't ya? Well, it coulda been worse.

Like poor Sandra. Nah, you ain't related to a Hogg, Sandra, - but per your quiz score, you are leanin' heavily towards Coltrane temperment! While that's a mixed blessing, it does assure you an interesting life.

I'm considerin' makin' another quiz. "Aptitude Test For The Hazzard County Sheriff's Department." KHEEHAHAHA!!!


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(And now, my carefully-considered reply to MaryAnne's last remark)

Awright, Deputy...I'm glad your calander is clear as of January 2nd...'cause then you won't be missin' out on anything when I SHOOT YOU FIRST!!

Unless I'm presented with any real good reason NOT to...which by the looks of the bloodthirsty crowd around here, ain't likely to happen.


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Hmmm, maybe Duke (hey u called me davenport LOL) :wink:

nah, u missed the take a number one even when ur the ony one there LOL. You also love taking and following postal regulations exactly. You also hit cloud nine when you hear your crushes name or see em LOL. You aslo have pretty much no reason to lie cuz your nearly never in trouble.

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