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    Julieduke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Poll: Favorite episodes   
    A young James Avery is in "Cool Hands Bo and Luke" he later went on to play Uncle Phil on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" it was such a good tv show. What girl couldn't forget Will Smith I think he's still cute even he is older now.
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    Julieduke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Moonrunners(1975)and Thunder Road   
    I find it ironic that two movies that I've bought recently have father and son now. Moonrunners is great if you haven't seen it wait till you see what the Mule's name is now, and James Mitchum Plays "Grady Lee Hag" and in Thunder Road it stars his father "Robert Mitchum great western star.
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    Julieduke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Duke or Dupe   
    Nope there was a Harper family on the Dukes of Hazzard it was a mother ands her two sons. And The Darlings was on The Andy Griffith Show, Denver Pyle played Briscoe Darling.
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    Julieduke got a reaction from julieszenger in Ashley and Matt's Love Story(Fours Years Later)   
    Back at the secluded Dasani house there was a phone a round table in her room but Angel had that one cuff on she couldn't even reach to get help right now she was crying because she missed her family and she felt her pocket and forget they had taken her cellphone back in the private plane she was truly alone right now as well.
    Mr. Dasani had called Julie and Says "Mrs. Knight we have removed Angel from her mansion in Beverly Hills and she will staying with me and wife from now on and don't try to get her back and tell that husband of her's to forget about her move on as well."
    Julie Says "The Hell I will do as you say sir."
    Cue LizzyJackson-Davenport or daisydukeXenosstrait or Elly Mae Duke
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    Julieduke got a reaction from B.L. Davenport in God Is Great, Beer Is Good, And People Are Crazy   
    Julie came in and Says "Daisy, I won the tickets to the Billy Currlington Concert in Austin, Texas now as well. I've won anything in my life before this now as well."
    Cue LizzyJackson-Davenport or daisydukeXenosstrait or Elly Mae Duke
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    Julieduke reacted to Cowboy in "Wanted: Dead or Alive"   
    *Hazzard County 2005 Sometime in early January*
    A pair of hungry mismatched eyes watched from a strand of Georgian pines behind the market on the end of Maple St in the town of Hazzard. The thermometer on the side of the build was showing little red, the air was cold, the ground frozen with a dusting of snow. A freshly killed cow hung from the back of the market, the butcher there removing the outer fat from the beef before starting on cutting up the meat.
    Chet glanced from watching the butcher start on the fresh meet to the parking lot of the market. It was early morning and no customers had arrived yet, a perfect time to try snatch a piece of the meat without being seen. His stomach growled hungrily as he adverted his attention back on the deep red beef flesh. He couldn’t help but like his lips, the young Duke boy hadn’t touched a good meal in over a week.
    Blood dripped from the back of the cowboys black canvas jacket onto the frozen brown grass near the trees. A fresh wound in his shoulder evidence that he’d already failed in one attempt on a meal earlier that morning. The load of buckshot in his shoulder made the muscles quiver, the warm fresh blood steamed in the cold. But his patience loomed as he waited, the butcher would fill the large steal bowl full of the fresh meat and leave to take it into the market to be wrapped. Then would be his chance to snatch a chunk of the meat and be gone before anyone noticed it missing.
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    Julieduke reacted to RogerDuke in A Day in the Life of a Duke   
    Jesse had seen that hollow expression on Luke's face many times. He knew it was because of Viet Nam. Of course it might have been easy for someone like Jesse to recognize that look since he had experienced the horrors of WWII and knew, all too well, the afterthoughts.
    Jesse got up, went over to the stove, grabbed the coffee pot and poured two fresh cups for himself and his troubled nephew.
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    Julieduke reacted to TheLoungeLizard09 in Ashley and Jack's Baby(This is a spinoff of Three Amigos In A Big Pond)   
    Matt was shocked and Says "If your my father then where was you all these years Dad and why didn't you try to find me even I guess I wasn't that important to you then as well."
    Cue LizzyJackson-Davenport or daisydukeXenosstrait or Elly Mae Duke or Julieduke
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    Julieduke got a reaction from TheLoungeLizard09 in Ashley and Jack's Baby(This is a spinoff of Three Amigos In A Big Pond)   
    Bo Says "Hey Matt what did you say your Mother's name was again?"
    Matt says his mother name and Jesse Says "Well listen I knew her really well and that would make me your father you look just like me now and coming up now is your sister Amanda now."
    Matt looked and Says "Oh great this morning she gave me a speeding ticket, no turn signal, something about the light under the plate and no seat belt and some other stuff as well."
    Amanda Says "He's my brother Dad, oh boy weren't not exactly off on the right foot now sorry just doing my job and Dad I found out when I was eighteen years old because I had a pregnancy scare and never told you as well. I wasn't pregnant and well I have a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant now, and if I get pregnant there's a 50 percent chance of losing the baby and a 25 percent chance of delivering my baby full term now as well."
    Cue LizzyJackson-Davenport or daisydukeXenosstrait or Elly Mae Duke
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    Julieduke reacted to TomBo in Fanfic Chat Schedule   
    I'm in but I gotta keep my eyes peeled for when it happens so I can get on board
    didnt even know we had a chat forum til I dug & locatrd it..........
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    Julieduke reacted to Val Strate in Fanfic Chat Schedule   
    S-A-T- UR-D-A-YYYYYYY! Niiiiiiiight.
    Sorry, couldn't help it.
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    Julieduke reacted to Sheriff_Rosco_P_Coltrane in Fanfic Chat Schedule   
    To bad these dont happen no more...
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    Julieduke reacted to cooteritaly in The CooterTruck 3-4 series   
    Hail boys
    am I Italian, does like the CooterTruck that I have remade to you new???
    Hi to all from Crazy Horse
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    Julieduke reacted to chicago1212 in 75-78 Monaco/Fury/Coronet   
    Hello everyone. New here but have some stuff you Roscoe car guys might be interested in. I used to have a 77 Monaco Illinois State Police restoration that is now gone and have some parts left over.
    77-78 Fury Hood
    77-78 Fury Trunk lid
    75-78 Fury/Monaco/Coronet front bumper rechromed
    75-78 Fury/Monaco/Coronet Front bumper needs rechrome
    75-78 Fury/Monaco/Coronet front turn signals
    75-78 Fury/Monaco/coronet gas tank and straps
    77-78 Fury Grille
    77-78 Fury/Monaco header panel-needs work has a few cracks
    77 Royal Monaco complete header panel with grille
    4 slotted police wheels factory white need repaint
    77-78 Fury/Monaco/Coronet Tan plastic windlace
    Misc tan plastic interior pieces
    Green dash pad out of a 77 Monaco-has cracks and overspray on it-would look great with a cap or redone.
    Red Federal Aerodynic lightbar with feet and brackets
    2 Federal Twinsonic lightbars with no lenses
    I'm not a dealer, just a guy who needs to clean out the garage for a new project. I know how hard it can be to find some of the parts for the 75-78 Monacos, Coronets, and Furys.
    I'm located in Chicago, IL 60655 for shipping purposes.
    lindahl1212 at comcast dot net
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    Julieduke reacted to bethie88 in I'm a Danged Fool   
    Jesse knew Luke and he knew that the young man needed some time to himself one way or another. Given the terms of his probation, tending a still was probably not the best idea, but Luke was smart, and it would be tough for any revenuer, no matter how talented, to find Jesse's still sites.
    "I reckon you can do that, Luke," he said. He paused for a moment, then added, "But for Pete sakes, be careful!"
    Luke nodded. "Thanks, Uncle Jesse."
    ~ ~ ~
    Beth had given up on getting the scrub brush away from Bo, but had turned her attention to other jobs, and was currently dusting the living room with a vengeance. Bo was convinced if she sent much more dust flying, the baby itself was going to start sneezing.
    Once convinced no area had been left undusted, Beth went to the kitchen for the broom.
    Bo shook his head. This woman was bullheaded... And that was a huge reason for how much he loved her.
    ~ ~ ~
    Hours later, after an OK from Uncle Jesse, Daisy was on her way over to Dixie's....
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    Julieduke reacted to JESSI DUKE in The Official Photo Caption Thread   
    A.... Luke... Do you remember how to get out of here?
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    Julieduke reacted to DukesForever1980 in The Official Photo Caption Thread   
    "One too many and look what happens."-Luke "I knowed the General would be off balance but this's nuts!"-Bo
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    Julieduke reacted to daisydukeXenosstrait in Michael Knight meets Dukes of Hazzard!   
    Daisy said "the teacher told me he followed one girl around singin "Babys Got Her Blue Jeans On" in the hallway at least the only song Carmen sings is "Our Song" "
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    Julieduke reacted to LizzyJackson-Davenport in Michael Knight meets Dukes of Hazzard!   
    "That I want to get you to bed as fast as possible." Micheal answers.
    "Why would you say that?" Bo asks Lizzy.
    "Well just everything that happened tonight when we put him to bed." Lizzy says.
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    Julieduke reacted to B.L. Davenport in This Is How You Do It   
    "Bo your impossible." Daisy said sticking her tongue out at her younger cousin beginning to put the dirty dishes in the sink and fill it with water to wash them.
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    Julieduke reacted to Dusty Rose Duke in Sometimes the Past Catches Up With You   
    "Oh Coot I've missed you so much." Dusty said as she held Cooter. "I missed you to baby." Cooter answered back with a smile. Cooter thought that he would probably never see his Dusty Rose ever again. It was like before Dusty left with Enos to California, she had shut him out.
    What Cooter didn't know was that Dusty had being brutly raped by Hughie Hogg and had lost their child because of it. Dusty had thought Cooter was to not ever want to see her again. "Cooter, I have something to tell ya. 2 years ago, just before Enos and myself came out here, I was pregnant with your child." Dusty began. "That's awsome honey." Cooter said as he swung her around with joy.
    "Wait a minute Cooter. What you don't know was that Hughie Hogg brutly raped me which caused me to loose our child. I didn't know how to tell you. Can you ever forgive me?" Dusty said with tears in her eyes.
    Cue runningwild
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    Julieduke reacted to runningwild in Sometimes the Past Catches Up With You   
    Luke looked at Cooter and Dusty. Finally, they were together, and it seemed like the best thing for both of them. He stared at his cousin and best friend and wondered what exactly what going to happen next.
    Enos nodded as he stayed silent, but Cassie decided to break the silent seeing that Cooter wasn't exactly saying anything "I think that's enough drama for one day.. " For a second, she almost lost her temper and didn't know why. Enos caught on to that and darted his eyes in her direction.
    "Cass, why don't you take Luke out for something to eat.. or "
    Luke was the one to interupt him, "Or why don't you take her.. now's not a great time for me to eat. Seeing as I'm not hungry and all."
    Suddenly, it was as if attitudes had changed and Cassie didn't particularly care for the company of anyone at the moment.
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    Julieduke reacted to i1976 in A normal day in Hazzard?   
    "But, what if I lose again my temper? It scares me. I didn't know who I was. It wasn't me, and if..."
    Daisy squeezed his hand, "Enos, stop, please. You are the man I've always known. A sweet and nice man. Ok, you got angry and you beat a stalker down. But that man was stalking me. I was angry and upset, everyone was angry, and you was angry too. There's nothing to be ashamed of".
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    Julieduke reacted to Kay Darleen Duke in All I Want For Christmas   
    Tonight on The Dukes : Luke Duke wishes for Santa to bring back his parents.
    It's christmas time in Hazzard which is usually a happy time for most folks",
    but unfortunetely for one little dark haired duke boy it's not a happy time
    Condsidering his parents died in Car Accident on Christmas eve in 1951.
    Since Luke was only a little baby when it happened he doesn't remember them
    that's all gonna change this year he's gonna ask santa to grant a miracle,
    anyway Luke was in his and Bo's bed room writing a letter to Santa and sadly
    being only 4 years old Luke didn't know that Santa wasn't real yet .
    eventually he is gonna find out the truth and think that Jesse is lying to him,
    anyway little Luke's letter went something like this " dear Santa i want you
    to bring my mama and Daddy home for christmas please love Luke,
    Cue Anyone