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  1. How Luke don't want to talk about what might be bothering Salena right now in "Ashley and Jacks's Baby".

  2. What kind of Heart Condition could Salena's birth Grandmother died from now as well.

  3. Hey there what's up with you today?

  4. Didn't Bo tell Cassidy about no cheapshots now.

  5. Hey did catch what Cassidy accidently called Hughie right in the debate now.

  6. Julie getting over it right now thow.

  7. Yeah would they encounter alot of traffic now.

  8. I don't know maybe Julie, Lizzy and Daisy are going to his concert in Austin, Texas on a Road Trip now.

  9. Hey what if we start a thread called "God Is Great, Beer Is Good and People Are Crazy" I'll let you start if you want to now.

  10. I think Daisy's seem calmer since she talked to Chad less likely to verbally defend herself right now.

  11. I think Daisy is making progress he's very casual now.

  12. What do you think doc that Daisy is going to talk in Beer For Horses now.

  13. I was thinking what if it just anxiety or we could say it's a heart condition now.

  14. Julie and Daisy made up in "Beer For My Horses".

  15. talk to you next friday or saturday now.

  16. How's Cooter doing on Ms. Julie Szenger's 1991 Dodge Stleath then and I was think Julie has a friend named Ashley as well that calls her on the phone while she's in Hazzard.

  17. I wonder what Lizzy is doing in "Beer For My Horses" Right now.

  18. What do you think of the idea of Angel having twins actually daisydukeXenosstrait came up with it now.

  19. I wonder what Bo and Luke are going to say about Julie's Opportuntity now.

  20. Hey Lizzy what's going on right now?

  21. She can't do anything about it thow.

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