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  1. Meadowmufn, I try to send a PM and it says that I am not allowed to or that something like that. Can you please check into it? Thanks Alex
  2. Thank you Hoss for the suggestion. I did get rid of the sidebar and the forums got much wider... And yes the ads in the posts themselves are just plain ridiculous. Alex
  3. Hi Gang, I'm afraid I can keep silent no longer about the brand new and improved forums. I liked the old set up better because I didn't go blind every time I logged onto it. The orange is too orange, I love Halloween, but not every single day. Another thing I must comment on is the fact that the Google ads all over Hazzardnet have now quadrupled. I come to Hnet to read the posts, not the Yellowpages. I am pretty disappointed with how overly busy this place looks now, do we really need the top posts on the side? Do we really need to have 10 million ads everywhere? Between the hosing down of Hazzardnet with orange, and the tiny font that looks like ants with white painted feet tracked across my monitor, I admit I don't come as often as I used to. Is there any way we can change the color and the font size, or maybe just cut the amount of ads here in half? This is just my opinion, and hopefully it doesn't get me banned, but I really liked the old Hazzardnet lay out better.... Alex
  4. The hard copy version isnt posted anywhere, I've got the copy on my laptop. What email address do I send it to? Alex
  5. *looks over at the clinic and the blond doctor with the front row seat then glances at Brian* you know, she makes a good point, do you happen to have a spare handcuff key? Or would the Deputy really cuff you? *thinks about that a moment and grins* mmmm being handcuffed by MaryAnne.... *grin slowly widens* doesnt sound so bad after all....
  6. *grins* "Sounds good to me. I'll wait until you're comin' out of the building before I take off. Can't have too much of a head start, it wouldn't be sporting." *after MaryAnne retreats into the county building, strolls over to Alex* "You feel like riding shotgun? I halfta warn ya, Alex, MaryAnne and I are both outta practice and this could be a sloppy chase." *looks at Brian* Sure! I'll be happy to ride Shotgun... *grins* and I know you and MaryAnne are a bit rusty, but its okay, I think we'll be just fine...
  7. (the reply is in the General Discussion, and is called Hazzard Shenanigans)
  8. Well Min was the last to post, so I think the "cue anyone" means just that! I think we may need to hear from the outlaw, Black Jack, don't you Brian? *grins*
  9. Of course I'll add the new posts! Over 300 so far, I wonder if the story will get to 500 pages by the time we are done... *chuckles*
  10. *Alex watches then his eyes widen at the saturated Deputy then being presented the hose... he looks down at it then drops it* I er... Brian has hose control issues...
  11. Ive got something you can sign Chet... *chuckles*
  12. Yeah we ended up being brothers... *chuckles* still though, no one can threaten me the way you can... and thats true even to this day!
  13. Okay Brian, since you were man enough to admit it, I'll be man enough to admit that I see your admission! *grins*
  14. HEY!! Brian!!! *The blond man sees Brother whip out his big hose and sprays down the car...* but but but... i have this big bag of marshmallows we were going to roast! *pouts* We could have given MaryAnne one...made her a nice smore!
  15. I admit nothing... unless you admit it first! *sticks tongue out at Brian*
  16. Well hell I'm not doing this on my own ya know! May I borrow your Zippo? *grins* its going to be a hot time in the ol' Hazzard tonight!
  17. To quote Dr. McCoy from Star Trek... Oh... JOY!....
  18. Youre right... *grins as the blond man pours gasoline all over the Deputy's patrol car* guess I might have to do something to get some attention.. Got a light? *Grins*
  19. You're right! its all her fault! for... whatever! *winks* Brian, Oh Brother-of-mine and Lord of the Outlaws, we need to get rowdy and into trouble with the Deputy... errr I mean...break a few laws! *grins* what do you think?? Alex
  20. Yeah over 300! I think the last time I saw the file it was like 370 something. So Chet lives huh? Well if he's willing maybe we can finish this RR after all. Alex
  21. Hey hey Brian! Good to see you again pal. I do have a hard copy of Buckshot and its over 300 pages! I think we do need to finish it even if people arent around anymore... offline might be the best option. Alex
  22. Great story huh? Brian and I had the best time, and some of the best stuff we ever wrote together is in this round robin. I think it would be really great to finish, even though some people that were in it aren't around that much anymore. Glad you're enjoying it Roger... Alex
  23. I realllly want to see this Round Robin finished, it was one of the best ones, and despite the absence of a few people, I think it can go on... Alex
  24. I'll take a slice of that! That cake looks exactly like Brian's Impala, Diablo!
  25. Today is the birthday of the Lord of the Outlaws, Brian Coltrane!! Happy Birthday to my Best Pal, my Brother and the baddest bad guy I know! Raise a glass in toast to the baddest outlaw in all of Hazzard County! Happy Birthday Brian!!!
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