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  1. There are some things that are not true to the series and the original, but, with the shape that the car looks to be in it looks like someone took a lot of time, money and effort to restore this car. My take on this car is that someone wanted a show car, therefore (s)he would not have been as likely to make the cosmetic changes to the bumper, and grill, and also would have wanted the interior to be fancier than the rather plain interior seen in the original. But they probably really liked the color and detailing. This is more of a tribute, than an actual replica, but it is still very nice. LS3
  2. In "Ghost" the boys use clothes from a scarecrow found in a field. You are supposed to believe that Bo is only wearing a shirt, however, knowing Hollywood and TV in general, Bo was probably wearing shorts for modesty. "My Son, Bo Hogg" is another one of Boss's "let's frame the Dukes" escapades. In it, Bo is in an accident while being chased and hits his head, when he comes to in the hospital he has amnesia and doesn't know who he is. Boss and Rosco are there and Boss tells Bo that he is Bo's father and Rosco is his uncle. They take Bo back to the Boar's Nest and convinces Bo that the Dukes are his enemies. Boss then has Bo drive a load of shine for him. The rest of the Dukes find out about the shine and save the day. It really is a good episode. LS3
  3. I just looked up that company (Fisa) for you, unfortunately I can't find anywhere to listen to the horn, but the company itself has been in business for 40 years - which would lead me to believe the horn would be of decent quality. LS3
  4. "The Meeting" Is where the mob comes to Hazzard
  5. Personally, I don't like the "modern" Chargers that well. Though this one isn't that bad, at least it's a 2-door sport coupe. All of the pictures I've seen of the version they released were 4-door sedan's, which is titally different than the "original" muscle car. LS3
  6. I'm glad that the jumps won't be done with models or computers, but at the same time I'm sad because that means 27 fewer Chargers will be available to everyone else. LS3
  7. Though it did help the story-lines to have a 4WD in the family. I think that the real reason they replaced Daisy's car was economic, AMC (Jeep) gave the Dukes a contract to use their cars. You might notice that a lot of the bad guys drive other models of AMC cars (Ambassadors, etc.). LS3
  8. It's really hard to pick a favorite, but I would have to say Rosco is it. Followed by: Bo Luke Jesse Daisy Cooter Boss Enos I could just go on. Actually it was the cast ensemble that really made the show. They worked really well together, and they worked very well off each other. LS3
  9. I am Bo, it would have really surprised be if it showed someone else. LS3
  10. I don't think anyone can really form an opinion yet, since the new movie isn't out yet. That being said, I think that I personally will always think of Catherine Bach when I think of Daisy. LS3
  11. My favorites: 1) Dukes of Hazzard (all-time favorite, will never be replaced) 2) Starsky & Hutch 3) Smallville 4) A-Team 5) MacGyver 6) Scarecrow and Mrs. King 7) Hogan's Heroes 8) Knight Rider 9) The Sentinel That's pretty much what I watch. Though from #2 on down they are in no particular order.
  12. I'd have to say that I like Gretchen better, however I also like Shania, frankly, there aren't a lot of country artists that I don't like. LS3
  13. Thank you for the link, though it really doesn't give away anything! That plot summary sums up most of the 7 season's of DOH! But at least someone is acknowledging that they are making the movie. LS3
  14. Jessi - thank you for the welcome back. Dixie Lee - thank you for that information, I do have that albumn somewhere, just gotta find it. LS3
  15. DukesFan, There were two reunion movies. The second one had the Dukes, the Sheriff's department and Boss Rosco going to Hollywood to raise money for a new county hospital (someone please correct me if I'm wrong, I don't have Reunion 2 on tape). There were some really funny moments, like Rosco trying to use an ATM for the first time. LS3
  16. Dixie Lee/Sarah, Yes, I am who you think I am, and I'm really glad that you are back in Hazzard! If you could send me the link I would appreciate it. I actually havre all the albums and am not familiar with that song, hence the surprise! Take Care! LS3/Heather
  17. Dixie Lee, That does describe the Duke boys very well. I'm not familiar with the song, which Garth Brooks Album is it on? LS3
  18. "MaryAnne, Brian, good luck to you both...may the best Coltrane win." *looks between the cousins, hoping against hope that they are both alive after this senseless duel.*
  19. I don't know who to bet on...I think that the odds between Brian and MaryAnne are too even. I'm not sure I want to see a showdown between the two of them! I'm going to miss Brian when he's gone.
  20. I know I don't get on here much anymore...but I saw this and just had to do it! I ended up being almost a half and half mix of Duke and Coltrane, with a few Davenport and Strait genes...I'd have to say I'm pretty true to my Duke upbringing! Khee...whoops...I mean Yeehaa! =) Thanks for posting this, Brian!
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