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  1. I was very pleased with the trailer. It looks like they got some comedy in it too. WITHOUT SHEEVES!! And without the Stupid Lizard crew.
  2. Boy, it's been a while since I posted anything here...but, fellas, don't be surprised too much if the movie is released with the GL looking an aweful lot like the "Pre-Cooter" GL with the hand painted 01. Maybe, just maybe, the Photoshopped picture that seems to be the only topic here, is only being used to lure us fans in. Hmmm. If WB's showed the Pre-Cooter GL on the cover how many new fans would they get? Who wants to see an old P.O.S. make some jumps? (ME!) Overall, I think the choices made for the new cast are good. Boss Hogg and Roscoe NEED to be comedy players. As far as the others...I couldn't tell ya 'cuz I don't know them. My only actual complaint is they're NOT FILMING IT HERE THIS TIME!!! Sorry bout that...but I was wantin' more fun.
  3. Personally, I'd like to see varying places each year for the Duke Fest. Like you said, so you can have the opportunity to attend as well. Some people can't afford to make a trip to that section of the country.
  4. I did some digging and found out that Dukefest won't be in Louisiana this year, as someone may have said earlier. It'll be the North American General Lee fan club. Still, we should all get the sensory overload of many General Lee's cruising the streets around town!! I believe late June sometime. They're meeting at the same location of the "Final Big Jump" in beautiful (?) downtown Clinton.
  5. 'Preciate that. I actually believe I am officially confused now. Like, my mom has a cat and doesn't know its' sex. Big, black, hairy and really mean. I'm even afraid to lift the tail. Our betting pool says it's a boy though.
  6. Personally, I don't think the original DOH is ruined at all. I think Jay Chandahakacankissmybutt ruined himself with literally millions of faithful fans. Putting "his" spin on "our" show ruined his chances to be taken seriously later on in life. The original Dukes will live on well past our lifetime, such as "The Honeymooners" or "I Love Lucy" or even "The Brady Bunch" (before Greg slept with the mom). I'm sure I'll speak for several people in this forum who I feel I've become friends with since last November...you can knock anything that you want. It's your opinion and your right. But, ease up a bit on the original series now...cuz that's when most of us will get offended. If you haven't noticed, this site is dedicated to the fans of the series and now the movie. I'll refrain from the (BLEEPS) and the (BLANKITY-BLANKS) until later feedback. (Your welcome, Brian) By the way, you can stir the pot all ya want...but we gonna put some Cajun seasoning in there to really get it going. 8)
  7. I just watched one episode where Luke was curled up in the back of Roscoe's car with Flash. When Roscoe got out and left, so did Luke. Luke said "Good girl" to flash. I'm lost. I was thinking Flash was a dude. Maybe Luke lifted the tail farther than we did....
  8. Well said, Brian. But I was hoping for another little "war" of words. I'da been a big boy and aired an open apology later on like Darrell did.
  9. (pssst...periods and commas are on sale over at the HazzardNet Gift Shop...)
  10. Hazzard Productions did do a really good job in mixing up the locations. The "something bounced up into my undercarriage" scene was actually Laurel Street here downtown, on Third Street, but in went right into the New Orleans chases seconds after. I thought it flowed rather seamlessly. The sheriff's department was actually a buddy of mine's place on Choctaw @ Scenic. DMI was closed for several days for all that. Drive by and have a look on the weekend. During the week there's too many trucks on the lot to see the building. And, uh, lock your doors! And although the Interstate traffic scene wasn't done here, it brings back memories of our Refugee Traffic. Woohooo Oh, and to all you non-LSU peoples out there, not all men make passes at other men. That's usually in one or two spots on campus. I generally stay away from those places. I'm not one for the leather ass-less chaps crowd.
  11. Not that I'm nit-picky...but what about the scene in the beginning with Bo "gripping the steering wheel" while listening to the cassette tape. The father/hunter/turkey blower-upper initially knocked on the General Lee with the shotgun in his right hand. Then, suddenly the shotgun's in his left hand. I've turned into my dad with movie bloopers. He used to stop a whole movie and rewind it just to show us the wire holding this or that up. I'm not that bad...yet.
  12. That was kinda cool seeing all the familiar sites throughout the movie. The best was the chase through "Atlanta". My mom watched it for the first time yesterday and we had to explain the chase scene. "That's Atlanta". "Now THAT's New Orleans." "Downtown Baton Rouge" "Back to New Orleans" Of course she recognized the interstate scene as Baton Rouge. Being a super mom, we watched the chase scene 2 more times. The movie may not have been all that, but like I said even before the movie came out...the stunts alone will be worth the admission price! As far as LSU pedestrians...I've come close too many times to just plowing over them myself. LSU is a "walking" campus so they think they have the right of way. Okay, so they do...but my car weighs more than them, so therefore I win. Except the ones in short-shorts...or skirts...or halter tops...THEY always win the crosswalk battle.
  13. Awwwww, civility ensues. Dangit, I was waiting for a good knock-down-drag-out. And, ladies? There is absolutely nothing wrong with "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". There's plenty of enjoyable entertainment for both sexes. Just as long as both sexes like explosions and Angelina Jolie. Hee hee hee (sorry, I had to) 8)
  14. All I need is some popcorn now...this here's getting better than the movie. Not the Special Features, but the movie.
  15. Boy, all y'all just shut me up. What I meant was...well, nevermind. Technically speaking, TV actors and big-screen actors don't count like that. Except for early Star Trek stuff, since they went big-screen. It's too early in the morning for me to think.
  16. Okay, ya got me with Batman. But there's only ONE Superman though.
  17. How many of y'all honestly believe that if the cast AND crew got a "Hollywood Enema", ie, different EVERYTHING, people would go back for part two and three...er, part two. I'd certainly try it. The reason I'm asking is, what if there was a different Luke Skywalker everytime? Would it turn people off? A different Leia woulda killed me though.
  18. And, uh, what's up with the "tater" name? Something we should know about?
  19. Road Runner? There was a Road Runner in the movie? Just kidding! I was bummed not to see our names in the credits either. I do believe someone just picked and chose what they wanted. As far as the footage from the 2nd unit crap, I was very surprised to see Tim in there. And PoolMan had a brief shot in the DVD too, setting up one of the jumps (proud of him!). There should have been way more of the garage stuff at Team Toyota. Such as the cars being prepped and tested, shots of the garage crew (Original Builder AJ!?!) and Boss Hogg's STEEL bullhorns. Woulda made it far more interesting. Kinda like the Too Fast Too Furious extras... Oh well, it was still fun. By the way, Garnet STILL hasn't seen it!
  20. Well, after watching every thread of the DVD this morning, I've come to this conclusion: The best part about the DVD was about the special features on the General Lee. The second best part is that, besides the included stupid video, there's not much pertaining to Jessica Simpson (we still don't like her down here much). Jay's interview shows he is VERY proud of putting his...er...I mean, Broken Lizard's input into the script. Knoxville put it best when he blew his nose into the script on-set. Yeah, I know it was meant as a joke, but it looked good to me. Other than that, it sure did sound good in the living room!
  21. Brian, why ya wanna tease me like that?! It's like, I'm almost more anxious for the DVD to come out than the movie. All except for the J.S. video...I could do without that. And Divia, I hate to admit it but you're 100% right. I do like's tha Daisy's now, just in moderation.
  22. That was my point exactly. Luckily the car remains unchanged in the sequel
  23. I just couldn't resist some Photoshop time. I actually feel bad about desecrating a picture of the General Lee. Flames...no. Spinners....no. Blown top fuel Hemi...wellllllll, maybe. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y10/Scott225/noway.jpg
  24. Not all 20-something GL's in the movie were destroyed though. A couple did survive. One of those, the main Star Car, got the famed Hemi and is now WB property (meaning it will never be jumped). As far as the others...you shoulda seen 'em when they bought them before the movie. Whew. They were nasty. Some had no interiors...engines..missing panels...etc. It was amazing how much money went into each one just to make it roll. The black Mustang used also had a few stunt cars. Two of them I wouldn't have touched due to the level of rust and disrepair. A lot of cars were saved when the movie was made. I included a link below to show just one of them. The Plymouth was carried in and dumped where it sat for a while. I'm a car guy and that was one car I wouldn't have wasted my money on to re-do. But, the finished job was awesome (you're welcome Randy). So, some cars were brought back to life, but a few were, well, toasted. At least WB had the mind to store ALL the cars (just in case) when they were done. When and/or if the sequel is made, several of the original GL's will be re-used to save money http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y10/Scott225/beforeandafter.jpg
  25. To be honest with you, as far as re-casting... A new Daisy would be awesome since the first sequel is going to focus on her a little butt...er...bit. I was cool with the rest of the cast (Sheev gets killed off maybe ) but the problem lies with Jay Chandahakashazarar. Get rid of "Broken Lizard Psuedo Entertainment", get a directing and casting crew familiar with the good 'ol days and I think a winner will be had. I'm still at odds with MC Gainey though. He was a super guy...hitting on my mrs and getting me a drink when I was super-sick at the party and all, BUT... The Roscoe bit needs some historical work. i.e., watching at least the first season. Roscoe, to me, help make the show. Yeah, he was a bumbling idiot, but dammit, he was funny. I rooted for Roscoe several times in the shows. Hell, I still do. The "new" Roscoe rubbed me the wrong way. I'm getting off my horse now...see ya's
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