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  1. It wasn't cancelled, it was just post poned. According to the website the race will be completed this summer.
  2. BubbaDuke


    Anyone here been watching Bulrun on Spike TV? One of the teams is driving a black 68 Charger with the Great 01 on the side. On Mondays episode they outperformed a 2007 Lotus in a handling challenge. Great to see that number on a Charger doing well.
  3. I don't think it was said even once that the cars were not a major attraction for Dukesfest. It was only pointed out that the cars were not the only reason people attend. I have not been fortunate to attend any Dukesfest for financial reasons, but I would love to see everything from the stars to the cars
  4. Merry Christmas from Oakboro, NC. Capt., it is about 60 degrees here in Stanly County today and supposed to rain all day tomorrow.
  5. I never saw a Trans Am with a V6. Those cars had a 6.6 liter V8.
  6. Actually, while this thread started for information purposes, Tim has clearly stated that in his expert opinion anyone who likes the new Dukes or has any interest in them is not a TRUE FAN. I too grew up with the General Lee and the Dukes in the livingroom every week, and my 4 y/o son is a big fan of the show. I did enjoy some aspects of the 2005 movie and also do intend to see the new movie and I might even but it. Oh by the way, I also own the 2005 movie. So according to Tim, I am not a true fan of the original because I am interested in the new Dukes as well. I have not been here on this site in quite a while because I was tired of reading the same ol' complaining all the time and the TRUE FANS saying that I am not one of them. I thought maybe things had changed so I came back to check in and am very discouraged to see this great site and community reduced to this. With that said, I apologize if I offended anyone.
  7. I have several real sounds from the Dukes and the REunioun movie on my phone. I created them with some software I downloaded off the web a while back, but have since deleted it and do not remember the site. If you search for custom ringtones you might be able to find the software. It was about $20, but if you look really hard you can find all the pieces in different places for free.
  8. Well, even though I like the 1st movie I think this one looks leaps and bounds more like the Dukes than it did. I too am sorry it is straight to DVD. It would've been great to see this one at the drive in too. Capt. you know what I am talking about. Bubba
  9. I paid closer attention to the 01 after my post and I agree that the people and the number were added after the pic was reversed. But I still say that the General Lee and the emblem are from reversing the pic. I think this cast looks better over all, but we will have to wait and see.
  10. All the backwards picture means is that in the original pic the car was facing the other direction. The pic is actually of the passenger side of the car instead of the drivers side.
  11. All the commercial says is coming Tuesdays this fall. The show is about a pair of hostage negotiators. He is playing a bad guy opposite them.
  12. I am 100% sure. He appears to be in a red or burgandy SUV of some type. It shows him stepping out of it with a gun in hand.
  13. I saw a preview last night for a new show on Fox called Standoff. In the preview Tom Wopat appears to be playing a bad guy in one of the episodes. Not sure which one, but the show will be airing on Tuesday nights this fall on Fox.
  14. Don't go rushing off to watch the 3rd one. While it has some funny moments in it, it is not nearly as good as the 1st 2. Snowman is pretending to be the Bandit while driving Knight Rider. The real Bandit makes a very short cameo in the very end.
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