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  1. I don't know if the cast knew that was going to be the final episode at the time it was filmed. I'm.guessing it was filmed in November/December of 1984 before a holiday break. I've been watching commentary about the production of each Knight Rider episode which likely had a similar production schedule to dukes and it seems like the episodes are filmed about 1-2 months before they air once they get to mid season. IE a season premiere might film in June and get shown in september, but by the middle part of the season, the episodes are airing faster than they are filmed, so later on there is less time between when an episode is filmed and when it airs. I wonder if there were any episode scripts ready to be filmed had Dukes not been cancelled.
  2. In the scene right before Hannibal punches the guy in the face, I believe that building in the background is the barracks where bo and Luke were held in cool hands. I remember boss Hogg lying on a bench right in front of that railing after he ate all the food. Also if you look during the actual punch, I think you can see the solitary cages that both hannibal and the dukes were held in way in the background off to the right.
  3. After some digging, the episode was Season 2 Episode 4 "Bad Time On The Border" This episode features the nova that crashes out of the back of the truck seen in the opening credits. This would have been filmed in the summer of 1983 most likely, a year before Cool Hands Luke and Bo. One of the filming locations for that A-team episode is listed as Indian Dunes Airfield, Valencia, California, USA Indian Dunes - 28700 Henry Mayo Drive, Valencia, California, USA
  4. I don't recall the episode name, but there was an A-team episode where Hannibal gets captured by some bad guys (I think they were mexican drug smugglers) and he gets locked in one of the solitary cells just like bo and Luke (and later boss and rosco) are put into on the osage set. You can definitely tell it's the same film set based on the surrounding buildings.
  5. Lulu drove it at the beginning of "Lulu's gone away"
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