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  1. Hey Group. So I'm just trying to keep a tradition post from 14 years ago I'm definitely a brand new member only been here a few months but found this forum awsome and just want to help out those that prefer to watch the dukes of hazzard in episode order where it makes sense. Credit to the poster. The list is a bit different then how they were released on the DVD sets or the order they were aired. I want to point out . S3 is missing " Uncle Boss and Baa Baa White Sheep" I guess that s the order you could watch the episodes in. Bo Duke isn't in Baa Baa White sheep.
  2. rwd81


    I appreciate it. Good to be here. I'm trying to get back to one of the older threads from 14 years ago , because I have been watching the dukes on my original DVD series. The episode order where it makes sense to watch them. Just want to add that " Uncle Boss" and Baa Baa White Sheep" are missing from S3 on the thread list here, I don't believe on the DVD itself.
  3. rwd81


    Yeehaw! Thanks glad to be here. Rob is just fine brother. I actually happened on this forum and wasn't sure it was still active. A poster from years ago had took the time and share An actual order of viewing the episodes and seasons. Since the release on DVD it s not an order how I believe should be. Some episodes in the earlier seasons for example daisy car would be there. Then destroyed and then back again. I thank this poster for taking the time to organize how the viewing should be anybody can watch however they want. I realize the episodes are not filmed an sequence order . just me I li
  4. rwd81


    Good to be here. My dad actually brought me up on the show. I was born in 81. About 4 or 5 I started to watch the dukes. By this time Bo N Luke had left for awhile to get there royalties owed. Can t remember what episode it was close to Bo N Luke return. Maybe two to 3 episodes of Coy N Vance left. A security guard was guarding 1 replica of the general. He told me and my dad that the actors were up in a tower ( Oxnard ca). I had also owned two sets of the general lee with Bo n Luke megos. Had Boss hogg and Roscoe too. I can t really say I have a favorite season of the dukes I love them all.
  5. rwd81


    Hi , My name is Rob and I grew up on the dukes of hazzard sort of lol. I got into the show at 5 years old. I owned some of the mego figures Bo N Luke Duke. The general lee boss hogg and roscoe never got the rest. It was a privallege to see one of the general Lee's used during a coy and vance episode. Till this day as an adult I love the dukes.
  6. Ty for posting this I'm gonna use this list. This list makes sense. I'm currently on S2 and yea the DVD sets are way off in the episode order. As other sources had said the episodes were not filmed in order for them to land later on DVD. It would be cool to have them similar to this list put out by you on a re release blu ray / DVD series.
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