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  1. Saw some familiar sights while watching a video on the Nothing But Trouble movie that I've never seen before. Would have been pretty cool to be on the set of this movie and drive by a field of General Lee's every day. Dan Akroyd is a know gear head I wonder if he ever went over and had a look at the fleet during production.
  2. I feel like it was shot specifically for the intro for Denver to do his "point his finger behave boys" routine to Coy and Vance like he did with Bo and Luke in the original intro. I too can't remember that scene in any actual episode
  3. Haha I agree it's a superfan thing to do but it's definitely high on my bucket list. How cool would it be to find an orange chunk of charger hidden in the dirt or maybe a prop of some kind. I bet Tom Sarmento's garage location would be a prime place to explore I know a push bar was found but I'd be just as happy with something small lol Even just being there would be like walking on hallowed ground to me. Thanks for the warm welcome you guys I've lurked here for years and have enjoyed the site so I figured it was high time I join in the conversations. Look forward to my time here! :D
  4. I know the ranch is private property but I've always really wanted to make a trip there and just walk the dukes areas with a metal detector and see what kind of artifacts you could find. I know there is nothing large left but even a chunk of metal or a lug nut would be extremely cool. I know a lot has changed in 40 years plus a wildfire but with all the jumps and crashes done at the ranch I feel like there might be a few cool hidden gems out there for a Dukes nut.
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