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  1. On 9/13/2011 at 2:29 PM, HossC said:

    Season 2 starts with 'Days of Shine and Roses' and a vintage moonshining movie. It's not easy to see what Sheriff 'Spike' Loomis drives, but I'm going to plump for a 1947/48 Ford Super Deluxe (the '46 didn't have the parking lights under the headlights).


    The modern-day Hatchapee patrol cars are more standard 1977/78 Dodge Monacos. Sheriff Loomis's car is the one with the moonshine jugs stencilled onto the front fender!.


    Hazzard County gets its own 1977/78 Dodge Monacos in season 2. Although they first appeared in 'Days of Shine and Roses' I couldn't get a great picture, so this one is from 'Gold Fever'.


    We get a look at a Sweetwater County patrol car in 'The Ghost of General Lee', and it's another 1975/76 Dodge Coronet. This is pretty much what the Choctaw car (above) looks like with a few minor changes; the lightbar has blue lights on both sides, there are spotlights on the A-pillars, and under the Hazzard-like door badge it just says 'Sheriff'.


    WHAT??    i can't see any clue of a moonshine jug on the fender 

  2. 16 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

    You're right about Old Mill Road. Another episode said it was Mill Pond Road. I could look up which episodes those were if you want. There was never a house number mentioned that I know of. 

    That's why i made up the house number,



  3. On 2/2/2016 at 7:34 AM, Spike said:

    maybe one or two stunts but most of them were either cgi or just throwing an empty car. At least on the show most of the stunts were done in real life besides the ones done with model kit cars.  


    Justin don't waste your time watching the 2005 movie, it's garbage.

    CGI ?????

  4. On 7/20/2018 at 5:09 PM, DixieDavenport said:

    First, I have the WORST vehicle luck and have since I was 15 years old. I have a 1991 F-150 pickup that SHOULD be easier to work on. It has ran great for a year. I had surgery in Feb 18 and was off work until June 4th.  June 5th the good ole pickup decided that I should not go to work!!  Well, I took sons car and every since my sons car has been my way to get to work. The truck WAS starting faithfully every evening / afternoon.  We had done process of elimination and found it is NOT a firing, moisture or lack of gas issue by changing the electrical box under the dash just below the steering wheel. Then the Distributor cap, rotary button and fuel relay. We now know it is flooding itself. The front fuel pump has not worked since we have had the vehicle about a year now, but on the rear pump, when you turn the key (as if to roll up a window or listen to music) the fuel pump cuts on and does NOT cut off. IF it starts it is running rich loading up bucking as if trying to flood out you can smell the gas at the exhaust. The shop has had it 2 wks and it has started twice and they "don't have a clue". I have purchased a fuel pressure regulator but don't have it on yet since truck is still at the shop.  Can anyone tell me if I'm on the right track? Give me suggestions of things to try -- I have a 1992 in the yard I can try parts from but really need to figure out a way to get it started or wait until at least Monday to get it towed home.  I've ran through this with all the guys at the fire department and the fuel pressure regulator makes about as much sense as anything. I don't want to take to a Ford place and pay 800 for a 20 part.  All suggestions and ideas welcome!!! I really need my ride running ASAP.  Thanks to all my Hazzard cousins -- DixieDavenport

    Don't we all wish cooter was real !!

  5. On 7/17/2017 at 1:08 PM, RogerDuke said:

    Since Hoss mentioned a Lou I have to too. That'll make two Lous

    Cooter's daughter NANCY Lou

    don't you wish nancy lou was in more than 1 episode?, or even mentioned in another one.

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