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  1. Belated Happy Birthday to Meadowmufn! Hope you had a good day! I think there is a lull/sigh of relief when Christmas is over but then it's all systems go again for the New Year for me! I go back to work and busy myself again after this nice little break!
  2. Jesse may have been in his 50s but I definitely think he had a young soul! After all, age is in the mind and not the calendar. Uncle Jesse was very bright and on-the-ball and I personally think Denver Pyle put a lot of himself into the role. (I believe it was his most enjoyed role too. I think he was a very kind and genuine man.) Of course, he and Nedra Volz played off each other brilliantly - I too hoped they'd end up growing old on the farm together! I reason to myself that if I end up half as wise as Jesse and half as determined as Miz Tisdale, then I'll be happy!
  3. Wow - thank you all so much for the warm welcomes! (I’m reigning in my chatter but I’m sure I’ll relax a little after a few posts! ) Haha, I didn't notice that - good spot! I'm afraid the CB link is pure coincidence, although I think my father may have a crystal radio set up in our loft which maybe one day I could convert into a CB! I wish they'd caught on over here as it would be great to have conversations with them! Funnily enough, I was actually thinking about a 'favourite' Dukes character yesterday - although how I can limit myself to just one I don't know! As a teen many years ago, watching the Dukes for the first time round, my favourite was Luke. Now I think it's really shared between Daisy and Miss Tisdale - both were brilliant characters! Having said that, now I'm really thinking, nearly all of the Dukes characters are great - which I guess is the main reason I enjoy the show so much! Great characters, a great car, good family values and a moral story and, of course, the social/cultural history that runs through the stories as well. Who (if you can choose Roger!) is your favourite?
  4. ...I'm new here so hello everyone! Right, a quick introduction: The first time I came across the Dukes of Hazzard was in a cardboard box of old die-cast cars. Not the most interesting but please bear with me! I was gifted them from a cousin who thought he had 'outgrown' all the toy cars. (What a silly boy, one does not 'outgrow' toy cars!) I accepted them gladly and after a quick rummage, I discovered only two cars I couldn't place so promptly went to ask my Dad. Well, it just so happened that one of those cars was an orange Dodge Charger and I think you can probably fill in the rest! I became a Dukes of Hazzard fan at the age of 13 and have held the Dukes in fond regard ever since. I was browsing the internet and stumbled across this website again and was amazed to find I'd never registered before - how remiss of me! Of course, this is me rectifying that glaring error on my behalf! To summarise: Hello everyone! I probably ramble on too much but am looking forward to chatting to like-minded Dukes fans! (It's a good thing I don't actually own a CB radio - you'd never get a word in edgeways!)
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