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  1. Hiya Skipper, glad you could join us! And you have great taste in shows too
  2. Very nice! And you're welcome! I am glad that you enjoyed it!
  3. Haha, makes sense! I haven't really thought about which non-main character I'm like. Maybe Lulu. She's usually sweet and cheerful like I am!
  4. Heck yes, please do! Please do anything to get this site more active! I was a little sad that it used to be more active years ago and wasn't anymore. I really want it to be the way it was so I can experience it in its full glory!
  5. Interesting! But what result did you get on the quiz nonetheless?
  6. So you're most like Luke with Cooter as a close second. That's a very interesting combo!
  7. Nope, it means I don't HAVE vices in the first place!
  8. Bo Duke: [x] You are extremely loyal. [/] You can be impulsive at times. [] You have a bit of a temper. [/] You’re a hopeless flirt. [x] You’re a little immature, but in a lovable way. [x] You love cars. [x] You tend to be easily swayed by your feelings. [x] You are very charming. [/] You are a dare-devil. [/] You are good at getting yourself out of trouble. Luke Duke: [/] You are very clever. [x] You have a sarcastic streak. [] You are usually level headed. [] You are a good driver. [] You are usually good at thinking before you act. [] You are fairly mature
  9. Howdy everybuddy I made this quiz for y'all tonight, hope you enjoy! Be sure to post your results for me! Which Dukes of Hazzard Character are you? Under each character’s section, you will see a list of statements describing that character. If any of them also describe you, put an x in the box next to it. If they are only somewhat true, or partially true, for you, put a / in the box next to it. If they are not true for you at all, leave the box blank. When you are finished with each section, tally up your points by adding one point for each x, half a point for each /, and
  10. If he would have left for good, I would have stopped watching the show! I was so heartbroken when he left. :'( Those 5 episodes without him made me miss him so much! They felt like they were longer than all the other episodes to me! I still liked them, but I LOVED the episodes that do have Rosco in them!
  11. Good idea! I actually just finished Season 2 last night! I watched 2 seasons in one week. This is the fastest I've ever watched any show, and I have no regrets! I've loved every episode! Well, except the ones where Rosco was absent...but I did still LIKE those episodes!
  12. Howdy y'all, I thought it would be fun if I created a fun little survery of questions related to the show for us all to answer so we can share our opinions and learn some fun fact about each other! 1.How long have you been watching the show?2.What was the first episode you ever watched?3.What epsiode did you most recently watch? 4.What's your favorite episode and why? 5.What's your least favorite episode and why? 6.Who's your favorite character? 7.Who's your least favorite character? 8.Which character are you most like in personality? 9.Which character would you date/marry or be bes
  13. Hi yall! Thank yall in advance for welcomin' to me yer community! I started watching the show 6 nights ago after reading about it online. Ever since then, I have been watching as many episodes as I can squeeze in every night before bed. In just 6 days, I have watched all of season one, and over half of season 2! Because I instantly loved it that much! My favorite character is definitely Rosco. I love him so much! My mom told me that she knew he would be my favorite because he reminds her of me. And I agree! His personality is very similar to mine. I'm very childish, I laugh and giggle a lot, I
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